Though the card is still two months away with four other UFC shows preceding it the buzz surrounding UFC 140 was in full force yesterday during a press conference promoting the event where headliners Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida weighed in, figuratively, before actually stepping on the scale in December to do so literally.

Jones and Machida were both extremely respectful towards the other marking a significant change in climate from the one the light heavyweight champion found himself in prior to his UFC 135 bout against Quinton Jackson (or beforehand with rival Rashad Evans).

However, had Machida strayed from the norm and taken any verbal swings at him the talented 24-year old would not have been phased nor would he need the additional motivation, explaining at the presser he was fully aware of how high the stakes are no matter what words come out of his opponent’s mouth. As far as how Jones plans to deal with “The Dragon”, he made it clear he has no plans to change up what’s worked for him so far and will simply study Machida to refine his gameplan on December 10.

In terms of Machida’s approach to the fight, the Brazilian explained, “I can overcome his athleticism with my technique,” though didn’t elaborate beyond the statement. The 17-2 Machida also revealed that he plans to train with middleweight title-holder Anderson Silva at some point in the future to help prepare him for Jones, saying “The Spider” had already called him to work on setting something up.

You can watch the entire press conference including comments from both fighters and UFC President Dana White below: