UFC champion Jon Jones has been nothing short of incredible in his three-and-a-half year journey in MMA. Continuing the trend, “Bones” is set for his third title-fight in 2011 when he faces top contender Lyoto Machida in headlining action at UFC 140.

The December 10 event also features PRIDE legend Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira looking to avenge a past defeat against Frank Mir, as well twin brother Antonio Rogerio Nogueira taking on Octagon icon Tito Ortiz.

The first official stop on the UFC’s trip to Toronto came this afternoon when Jones and Machida took to the stage alongside UFC President Dana White for a press conference associated with the event. As always, Five Ounces of Pain was tuned in and ready to relay interesting nuggets of information back to readers as they unfolded live from the festivities.

Read below for a breakdown of highlights from today’s press conference:

Jon Jones:

– Says the trash-talk from Quinton Jackson didn’t bother him – it educated him in how to deal with opponents who approach competition in the same way
– Feels his youth/versatility will be his biggest advantages against Machida
– Doesn’t need an outspoken opponent to get motivated because he knows what is at stake
– Admits the Rashad Evans bout is a “huge fight” even though he’s always been taught all fights are the same
– Plans to simply be himself in the Octagon at UFC 140 and study beforehand
– Very honored to fight in front of Canadian fans / Consider it the “Mecca” of MMA
– Feels comfortable with everything around him since he’d always envisioned becoming a great champion
– Doesn’t see many negatives to his situation – “a dream come true” – other than being careful about the weight his statements/actions carry now that there are more eyes on him
– Isn’t training with Georges St. Pierre leading up to UFC 137 since Carlos Condit is also a Greg Jackson’s teammate

Lyoto Machida:

– Thinks his experience could be an advantage but isn’t sure
– The title-shot caught him by surprise but feels that everything happens for a reason
– “I can overcome his athleticism with my technique.”
– Excited about returning to Toronto after competing there earlier this year, felt very welcomed against Randy Couture
– Says Anderson Silva called him already and will come visit him at some point in the future to train

Dana White:

– Reminds the crowd that Evans was hurt / Promised a great main event for Toronto and feels he has delivered
– Doesn’t feel they’re returning too soon even though they had a show there six months ago
– States Toronto is the strongest MMA market on the planet
– Loves the stylistic match-up between Jones/Machida
– “If Jones runs through Machida like he’s run through everyone else then the sky’s the limit for this kid.”
– Incredibly impressed by the way Jones has handled more-experience veterans with ease and how he’s dealt with the pressure of being in his spot / “You have to respect what this kid has done at such a young age and how he’s done it.”
– Definitely plans on doing another major card in Toronto similar to UFC 129’s record-breaking show at some point in the near future
– Mentions Roger Huerta having fought four times in a year but that it doesn’t compare to what Jones is doing / “I can’t even really tell you how impressed I am with him.”
– Won’t comment on whether or not Ortiz’s fight is “do or die” where his employment is concerned
– Says Rory MacDonald has the potential to be the “next big superstar”
– Can’t look past Machida/Evans to predict whether or not Silva and Jones will ever actually face off