It’s the start of hockey season this weekend and Thanksgiving in Canada on Monday, but tonight MMA takes center stage. Coming to us live from Mayfield Inn Trade and Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada it’s MFC 31. As always, Five Ounces of Pain will provide live results including a more-detailed recap of all the televised action.

The event starts at 10PM EST on HDNet.

MFC 31 is headlined by a light heavyweight title fight as champion Ryan Jimmo puts his belt and 15-fight win streak on the line against the always dangerous Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou. Also on the card is UFC veteran, the hard hitting Terry Martin, taking on Allen Hope.

Read below for a full list of results:

Cody Krahn vs. Ryan Chiappe

Fight Recap: Chiappe got an early takedown in the first round and did some good damage inside the guard but lost the position when he got too high on the back. Krahn shook him off and ended up getting on top. Chiappe was able to get up without taking too much damage. After landing some punches on the feet, Chiappe shot in for the takedown but got caught in a guillotine. Krahn dropped to his back and Chiappe tapped out.

Result: Cody Krahn def. Ryan Chiappe via Submission Round 1 (Guillotine Choke)

Terry Martin vs. Allen Hope

Fight Recap: Martin came out swinging and connecting, but Hope stood in the pocket and fired right back. Martin got a takedown and landed some heavy ground and pound from guard. Hope wasn’t defending himself so the referee jumped in to stop the fight.

Result: Terry Martin def. Allen Hope via TKO Round 1 (Punches)

Mukai Maromo vs. Sabah Fadai

Fight Recap: Fadai went for a quick takedown in the first but Maromo beautifully fought it off. Maromo tenderized the legs of Fadai throughout the round with quick and powerful leg kicks. Maromo caught a finger to the eye, called a timeout, was granted it, rested, but fought on. Maromo rocked Fadai with a right hand late in the round, sprawled on a takedown, and ended the round on top but couldn’t finish as the horn sounded. Maromo opened the round with more leg kicks and roughed up Fadai with good knees in the clinch. Maromo continued his onslaught of kicks and knees in the clinch as Fadai couldn’t get anything going. Two dominant rounds for Maromo. The third round was more of the same for Maromo, although he started to open up with his hands to go along with his leg kicks. Fadai finally got a takedown but Maromo got up and even landed an up kick before standing. Maromo dropped Fadai with a chopping leg kick after setting it up with the hands. Another round for Maromo and a great performance. He should win the decision.

Result: Mukai Maromo def. Sabah Fadai via Unanimous Decision

Curtis Demarce vs. Adam Lynn

Fight Recap: The fight started off pretty slow with both guys trying to find the range. Then Lynn found his range with a short right elbow as Demarce stepped in that knocked him down and out cold. One more punch on the ground just before the ref could push him away. Fantastic finish. Fight lasted about a minute and a half.

Result: Adam Lynn def. Curtis Demarce via KO Round 1 (Standing Elbow)

Kajan Johnson vs. Richie Whitson

Fight Recap: The first rounded with a good exchange won by Johnson. Whitson went for a takedown but Johnson fought it off and got the back standing. Johnson dragged him to the ground and methodically worked until he was able to sink in the rear naked choke, forcing Whitson to tap. Very good and dominant performance by Johnson.

Result: Kajan Johnson def. Richie Whitson via Submission Round 1 (Rear Naked Choke)

Ryan Jimmo vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou

Fight Recap: Almost nothing happened in the first round. Both men threw kicks, few and far between, but most of them were blocked. Extremely boring opening five minutes. Soko clinched up early in the second and cut Jimmo across the forehead with a big knee. The ref halted the fight so the doctor could check the cut. She ruled that he fight could continue. Soko tried to capitalize on the blood with a flurry of strikes but quickly slowed down again. Besides the knee that caused the cut and the flurry after the doctor break, nothing happened once again. Soko wanted a break in the third after an eye poke but the ref told him to fight through it. Soko controlled a portion of the round in the clinch, otherwise it was another slow and boring round. Jimmo came out a little more aggressive in the fourth round but Soko slowed that by clinching. Another slow round with limited action. Jimmo started the final round quickly with some good combinations but Soko once again slowed things down by clinching. Soko went for a takedown but Jimmo stuffed it and put Soko on his back. Soko was immediately back up though. Soko ended with a nice flurry. The fight mercifully ends. A terribly boring fight with very little action and it was hindered even more by the fact that the ring mat was very slippery and had to be wiped off a couple of times. The fight could go either way and since the judges are using the half-point system, who knows how the scores will come out.

Result: Ryan Jimmo def. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou via Unanimous Decision to retain the MFC Light Heavyweight Title

Scores were: 49-48.5, 49-48.5, 49-48 all for Jimmo.