Last week on The Ultimate Fighter 14; coaches Jason Miller and Michael Bisping picked their teams of featherweights and bantamweights, the fighters moved into the famous TUF house, and we had our first fight of the season. In that bout, Bryan Caraway submitted Marcus Brimage in the second round to become the first fighter to move on in the tournament.

Rather than a simple recap, throughout the festivities, this fall 5 OZ will be providing live commentary during each episode including assessments of each fighter and breakdowns of the action, not to mention a snarky remark or two relating to the behavior of coaches and contestants.

Read below to get our take on things as they unfold in this week’s episode (and make sure to join in on the discussion in the “Comments” section below:

*We start with Jason Miller bringing water noodles to training. “Today we’re going to learn the first rule of the octagon: defend yourself at all times.” This leads to an all-out noodle war. I bet Victor Ortiz wishes he had this kind of training a month ago.

*In the parking lot, Team Bisping puts Miller’s car on blocks and steals his tires. They put the tires in Miller’s locker room. He has a good laugh before putting the tires back on his car. Miller is impressed with Bisping’s prank. As am I.

*Bisping wants his team to spar at 60%. Of course no guys don’t listen and spar as hard as they can. Akira got mad after sparring with Marcus and once they switched partners, Marcus and Diego got into a hard sparring session. Both guys want to knock each other out. Marcus tries to apologize but Diego keeps threatening him. Bisping tries to calm him down but he responds with, “Before my mommy cry, his mommy will cry first.” They eventually squash things. Hopefully their mommy’s settle things as well and it won’t take the VMA Awards to bring them together.

*At the house, Akira is running around and smashing his nuts on hot tub covers and pool balls. Some people find it funny, some find it annoying. While people are sleeping, Akira fills peoples gloves with random food and items, including putting the #3 pool ball in Dustin’s gloves in reference to Dustin’s three balls.

*As the fight announcement, Miller picks Johnny Bedford to fight Josh Ferguson. Josh has a piece of paper that says, “F**ck you Bedford.” This angers Johnny. During the staredown, the two men do a lot of trash talking.

*Everyone finds their glove filled items during training. Nothing is really made of it. That was either a terrible pay off or the build to something more.

*Johnny has an injured right hand, but he’s ready to fight through it. Because he can’t throw his right hand, he’s working on using his elbows, including a spinning elbow. Damn you Jon Jones.

*Now Akira goes for the classic water prank, where you put a bucket of water on top of a closed door and when it’s opened, the water comes down on its victim. A tried and true prank.

*Bisping works with Josh on controlling the distance and staying in striking range.

*Johnny is the victim of the water prank, although it was poorly set up and instead of getting wet, the bucket of water just fell in front of Johnny and splashed on his feet. Dustin decides to spread bird seed on Akira’s bed. This pisses Akira off. “I mess with your gloves. You mess with my bed.” They get into a verbal war in the bed room. This is like some strange form of foreplay that I think only fighters use.

*Josh, John, and Louis ponder how to spell leprechaun. John’s best friend are on Team Bisping, so he tells Josh that Johnny’s right hand is hurt. Bisping is excited to have a mole on his side.

*Both guys make weight. Bisping and Miller get into a little verbal spat. Bisping calls him, “toilet brush head.”

*Bantamweight Fight: Johnny Bedford (Team Miller) vs. Josh Ferguson (Team Bisping) – Johnny got an early takedown in the first and landed some elbows on the ground but let Josh up. Back on the feet, Johnny used his reach well and landed some good knees in the clinch before getting another takedown. Johnny went for a kimura and tried to turn it into an armbar but Josh escaped to his feet. Johnny ducked under, got the back, and dragged Josh to the ground as the round ended. A good first round for Johnny. Josh did better to start the second round, landing some good punches on the feet, but was eventually put on his back. Johnny controlled the top position for a bit, but didn’t really do much damage before Josh got up. Johnny immediately took him back down though as Josh went for a flying knee and into side control. Johnny continued to hold the position before finishing with a flurry of elbows. Should be a decision with for Johnny, who dominated the ground game.

*Result: Johnny Bedford def. Josh Ferguson via Unanimous Decision

*Johnny is disappointed that he didn’t finish, but was happy with a win. Josh is going to, “keep on truckin'” Miller says, “Team Bisping, I’m sorry, he’s failing you.” Bisping says, “It’s only two fights” and the show ends with a “I hate that guy” from Bisping.