It’s tiiiiiiiiiiime….for the third UFC show in three consecutive weekends!

Last night’s UFC Live 6 event featured Dominick Cruz successfully defending his bantamweight belt against the endless energy and lightning reflexes of 9-1 Demetrious Johnson. Cruz picked up his tenth straight win since falling to Urijah Faber in March 2007 with the performance while “Mighty Mouse” had won four in a row including victories over Damacio Page, Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto, and most recently Miguel Torres.

The card was also highlighted by heavyweight action with Pat Barry tapping out to a Triangle Choke from 6’11” Stefan Struve, Anthony Johnson stopping surging Charlie Brenneman from building on his upset win over Rick Story, and 155ers and Mac Danzig and Matt Wiman settling the controversy with a fantastic showing after a premature stoppage in their original pairing.

Read below for a full breakdown of UFC Live 6 results including play-by-play for televised action:


Walel Watson def. Joseph Sandoval via TKO Round 1 (Strikes)
Josh Neer def. Keith Wisniewski via TKO Round 2 (Cuts)
T.J. Grant def. Shane Roller via Submission Round 3 (Armbar)
Mike Easton def. Byron Bloodworth via TKO Round 2 (Strikes)
Paul Sass def. Michael Johnson via Submission Round 1 (Heel Hook)
Yves Edwards def. Rafaello Oliveira via TKO Round 2 (Strikes)


Matt Wiman vs. Mac Danzig

Round One: Wiman pressed the action early and got a takedown after partially blocking a head kick. Danzig quickly scrambled up and punished Wiman as he tried to grab the plum clinch with strikes. Danzig showed off some quick hands, putting together two and three punch combinations but Wiman just kept moving forward and throwing strikes on his own. Wiman caught Danzig with a good knee to the body that had Danzig backing up. Wiman chased and landed some good strikes but Danzig fired right back with some big punches. Wiman landed some good short elbows that busted the nose of Danzig. The round ended with the two men clinched. High paced round with both men landing their fair share of strikes. A slight edge to Wiman because he was more aggressive, landed more, and seemed to do more damage. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Wiman.

Round Two: Wiman continued his aggressive pace to start the round but Danzig slowed him down by getting a takedown. Wiman threatened with an armbar but Danzig survived and then landed some good ground and pound. Wiman then tried for a kimura but Danzig defended. Wiman got to his feet but Danzig landed a very nice flurry in tight. Wiman fought out though and then continued to press forward with strikes. Wiman went for a very sloppy takedown, but Danzig avoided it and landed a quick combo. The round ended with Wiman landing some short elbows. Another good round of action. Slight edge to Danzig because he landed the clean strikes and got the takedown, even though Wiman did threaten with submissions. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Danzig.

Round Three: Wiman once again started the round strong with strikes. Wiman cut Danzig under the eye with an elbow but Danzig fired back with a series of punches. Wiman kept trying to fight in tight, where he could land slicing elbows while Danzig was doing better at a distance, landing good counter punches. Danzig ended up busting the nose of Wiman with strikes. Danzig stuffed a takedown, got the back of Wiman standing, but was too high and Wiman shook him off and ended up on top. Wiman landed some good elbows from half guard. Danzig’s forehead developed a nicely sized hematoma. Danzig got to his feet with 30 seconds left. Wiman tried for one last takedown but Danzig turned it into a guillotine and dropped down into guard. Wiman gave a thumbs up as the round ended. Another close round but a slight edge to Wiman based on damage and top control. This fight really could go either way though. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Wiman and the fight 29-28 for Wiman.

Result: Matt Wiman def. Mac Danzig via Unanimous Decision

Charlie Brenneman vs. Anthony Johnson

Round One: Johnson sprawled and punished Brenneman with punches from the sprawl position with punches and knees to the body. Brenneman pulled half guard and went for a guillotine but Johnson escaped and went for a head kick but Brenneman ducked under it and went for a takedown. Johnson stuffed it though and this time caught Brenneman with the head kick that knocked him down. The ref immediately jumped in to stop it even though Brenneman wasn’t out and seemed ready to defend himself. Another questionable stoppage.

Result: Anthony Johnson def. Charlie Brenneman via TKO Round 1 (Head Kick)

Stefan Struve vs. Pat Barry

Round One: Very slow start to the round with Struve keeping his distance and Barry using the inside leg kick. Barry did a nice job with his kicks, trying to chop down the taller Struve. Struve kept using his jab and front kicks to keep Barry at a distance. Kind of a slow round with neither man really opening up. Barry never really hit Struve with a punch but did a good job with the kicks. Tough round to score since neither man did a whole lot but the kicks of Barry seemed to be the most effective strike, so a slight edge to him. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Barry.

Round Two: Barry landed a quick flurry that seemed to stumble Struve but Barry didn’t press things. Barry continued to chop down Struve with leg kicks. Struve finally pressed the action, got the clinch, and went for a guillotine. He dropped to guard but Barry passed to side control to escape. Struve got guard and immediately went for a triangle. Barry tried to slam his way out but it just tightened the choke and Barry was forced to tap out. Great ending.

Result: Stefan Struve def. Pat Barry via Submission Round 2 (Triangle Choke)

Dominick Cruz vs. Demetrious Johnson

Round One: As expected, both men got off to a quick start. Cruz used his usual movement and combinations with Johnson did a nice job pressing forward with strikes. Johnson went for a takedown but Cruz stuffed it and put him down. Cruz controlled the top position but didn’t do a lot of damage before Johnson got to his feet. Johnson once again pressed forward and went for a head kick, but Cruz blocked it and got another takedown. Johnson again scrambled up and landed a good punch on the break. Johnson got a takedown but Cruz bounced right back up. Johnson landed another good punch on the break and kept the pressure up. A close first round but I’ll give a slight edge to Johnson as he landed the better strikes and negated the takedowns but getting right back up. Plus he was the agressor. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Johnson.

Round Two: Johnson once again started fasted and landed a good head kick but Cruz got a takedown. Johnson was right back up though, but ate a knee in the clinch. Cruz landed some good knees in the clinch before the break. Back in the clinch, Cruz landed some good knees to the body but Johnson fended off some takedown attempts. They broke away and things slowed down as both men used a lot of movement, but neither really landed anything. Cruz landed a good knee to the body as Johnson came in and then got a takedown after stuffing one of Johnson’s. Cruz ended the round on top. Better round for Cruz, but Johnson seems to be frustrating him. Still, that was Cruz’ round based on control and work with the knees in tight. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Cruz.

Round Three: Johnson did a nice job countering Cruz to start this round as Cruz is having a lot of trouble dealing with the speed of Johnson. Cruz got the back standing and hit a beautiful suplex to get Johnson down. Cruz stayed on the back, flattened Johnson out and looked for the rear naked choke. Johnson spun out the first time but Cruz retained position. Johnson fought out again though and got up to his feet. Johnson landed some good strikes but Cruz got another takedown. Cruz held the position but again didn’t do much before Johnson got up. The round ended in the clinch. Cruz seems to be tired but he won that round with the suplex, control, and very near finish. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Cruz.

Round Four: A lot of swinging and missing to start the round. Both men using their speed to avoid the strikes of the other. Cruz got another takedown though and this time moved to the mount position. Johnson did a good job controlling the posture of Cruz though to avoid major damage before escaping to his feet. Every time Johnson presses forward, Cruz clinches to slow him down. Cruz got another takedown but Johnson was right back. Johnson ate some punches as he moved forward but fired right back as the round ended. Another good round for Cruz, but he’s the more tired of the two. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Cruz.

Round Five: Johnson immediately pressed forward to start the round but Cruz moved out of the way, got the back standing, and hit another suplex, this time into side control. Johnson quickly regained guard and didn’t take much damage, but it took him awhile to get to his feet this time. Once he got up, he ate an uppercut but came back with some good punches. Cruz kept looking for the judo throw in the clinch but Johnson blocked it with the whizzer. Johnson once again pressed forward but Cruz ducked under, got another takedown, and moved immediately to mount. Johnson scrambled up though but ate a big knee pressing forward, which backed him up. Cruz landed one more takedown. Another strong round for Cruz. He may win the decision by a wide margin, but this fight was closer than it could appear on the scorecard. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Cruz and the fight 49-46 for Cruz.

Result: Dominick Cruz def. Demetrious Johnson via Unanimous Decision to retain the UFC Bantamweight Title