It’s a big weekend of MMA action and it all starts tonight at the Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Missouri with Titan FC 20. As always, Five Ounces of Pain will bring you live results including a recap of all each fight’s action.

The fights start at 10:00 PM EST on HDNet.

In a night full of exciting fights, Dakota Cochrane, who took the fight against former WEC champion Jamie Varner on just a couple days notice, upset “The Worm” with a pace and striking that Varner couldn’t keep up with, winning a unanimous decision. Varner slumped over in the corner after the fight, his lip split due to an elbow and face battered from a variety of strikes from Cochrane. The victory put Cochrane on the map and sent the former champ back to the drawing board.

In the co-main event, a heavyweight bout between sluggers Eddie Sanchez and Brett Rogers disappointed viewers. While Sanchez seemed ready and willing to trade strikes, Rogers was content on clinching and trying to control Sanchez against the cage. It was a lackluster affair, but Sanchez picked up the split decision victory, giving “The Grim” his fourth loss in his last five bouts.

Read below for full results:


Andrew Whitney vs. Laramie Shaffer

Fight Recap: The first round of this fight was the tale of two styles. Whitney rocked Shaffer with a huge head kick and a series of left hooks early, but somehow Shaffer survived and stayed on his feet. Once he cleared the cobwebs, Shaffer got a takedown and dominated on top with good elbows and big punches from the turtle position. In the second round, Whitney stuffed an early take and connected with a right hook that busted the nose of Shaffer. Whitney ended up taking Shaffer down, but Shaffer reversed and did some more damage with elbows. Whitney got up but was put right back down and mounted. Shaffer ended the round with one hook in one the back, landing short punches. Just 21 seconds into the third round, Whitney landed a beautiful flying knee as Shaffer ducked under that landed perfectly and knocked him out cold. Tremendous ending to a very good fight that Whitney was losing.

Result: Andrew Whitney def. Laramie Shaffer via KO Round 3 (Flying Knee)

Alex Huddleston vs. Justyn Riley

Fight Recap: The first round wasn’t the most technical fight ever, but it was back and forth and never had a dull moment. Huddleston rocked Riley a couple of times with big uppercuts on the inside but when the fight hit the ground, Huddleston looked lost and was swept numerous times by Riley, who showed good top control and roughed up Huddleston with ground and pound. Huddleston looked gassed to start the round and was immediately put on him back. He actually swept Riley when Riley had mount, but Riley immediately reversed it back and really damaged Huddleston from the guard with punches and elbows as Huddleston went for sloppy submissions. Riley mounted Huddleston late in the round, and even though he was tired, kept raining down punches and elbows until the ref finally saved Huddleston, who was dead tired and just covering up. A pretty sloppy fight but it was still entertaining.

Result: Justyn Riley def. Alex Huddleston via TKO Round 2 (Strikes)

Sean Wilson vs. James Krause

Fight Recap: A slow start to the round until Krause got a takedown and as Wilson went to scramble up, Krause locked in a guillotine and Wilson almost immediately tapped. It took about two and a half minutes for the fight to hit the ground, not much happened on the feet, but once it hit the ground it was over quick.

Result: James Krause def. Sean Wilson via Submission Round 1 (Guillotine Choke)

Shane Hutchinson vs. Anthony Gutierrez

Fight Recap: This one didn’t last long. They clinched up, Gutierrez hit a nice throw, and then locked up a d’arce choke to force the tap out. Another great performance by Gutierrez.

Result: Anthony Gutierrez def. Shane Hutchinson via Submission Round 1 (D’Arce Choke)

Brett Rogers vs. Eddie Sanchez

Fight Recap: The first round was not the slugfest fans were expecting. Sanchez was the more technical striker, but every time he pressed forward Rogers clinched and tried to slow things down. Possibly the worst round of action in a night that’s been full of excitement. The second round was more of the same, expect Sanchez got a takedown, but didn’t really do anything with it. The most significant strikes were once again the leg kicks by Sanchez. Same story in the third round, except that Rogers got a takedown at the end of the round. This fight did neither man any favors. Rogers looked very afraid to commit to his strikes and Sanchez never really opened up. The fight could go either way depending on the scoring. Rogers had more control in the clinch, but Sanchez did more overall damage and landed the cleaner strikes.

Result: Eddie Sanchez def. Brett Rogers via Split Decision

Jamie Varner vs. Dakota Cochrane

Fight Recap: Cochrane started the round really strong with the front kick and quick one-two combination as Varner had trouble settling down early. It wasn’t until the final minute that Varner turned things around, got the takedown, mounted Cochrane, dropped some elbows but the round ended before he could finish. Cochrane dropped Varner early in the second but Varner recovered and got the takedown. Cochrane was right back up, sprawling, and getting the better of Varner standing. Varner got some dominant positions but Cochrane was able to get out of them all and continue to out-pace Varner on the feet. Cochrane landed some big strikes early in the third, but Varner got a takedown. Cochrane reversed him though and landed some big elbows from the guard. Varner went for a desperation triangle to end the round but Cochrane postured out and landed more strikes. Cochrane should take this decision. Great performance by him, Varner looked flat the entire fight.

Result: Dakota Cochrane def. Jamie Varner via Unanimous Decision