The great country of Canada has played host to the Maximum Fighting Championship for more than a decade and has watched the promotion grow from its humble beginnings to a regular staple on HDNet’s regular cycle of live MMA programming.

The company’s next show, MFC 31, comes on October 7 and boasts two particularly interesting pairings at the top of the card with undefeated finisher Dhiego Lima locking horns with hard-hitting UFC veteran Terry Martin and 15-1 light heavyweight Ryan Jimmo seeking his sixteenth straight victory with talented judoka Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou standing in his way.

Five Ounces of Pain recently caught up with MFC President Mark Pavelich to talk about the upcoming card and, in standard form, was as animated as ever while discussing what fans can expect at the Edmonton event as well as his key role in MMA’s growth North of the Border and why he doesn’t watch other organization’s offerings.

“I match-made the card for me. I’m not joking,” Pavelich began on MFC 31. “This is the first time ever in eleven years I have. I usually do everything for the fans. I am by the far the most fan-friendly owner of any organization in the world including (Dana White). I do anything for them. I respond to everything from them whether it’s Facebook or Twitter. Whatever they want, I do for them, but this show’s for me.”

But people need to understand that instead of the peoples’ champion I’m the MMA promotion for the people – the peoples’ promoter,” he continued.

When asked to elaborate on the show’s lineup, Pavelich pointed to the probability of finishes in all of the match-ups as the reason for his enthusiasm in terms of providing an entertaining offering for all, himself included.

“I’m finishing the main fight card right now and I’m almost positive not one fight will go the distance. If any one would it would maybe be Jimmo vs. Sokoudjou but I don’t see it happening. I don’t want to jinx myself.”

When it comes to good fights MFC has certainly delivered in the past, a viewpoint Pavelich feels should have merited him more credit than he currently has for MMA’s evolution in Canada.

“People ask me how MMA got big in Canada and I say, ‘Are you kidding?!? You actually think Georges St. Pierre is the one that made it big?’ I made it big! There was no MMA before I was here. I made it. I. Me, me, and me. Me and my family. That’s it. And you know what? Before I’d never talk like this but I swore starting today I’m gonna shove it in everybody’s face. My family pioneered MMA in Canada.”

Pavelich also blasted the way fans let other MMA promotions slide on lazy matchmaking, saying, “I think most MMA shows now, and I won’t say their names, you know the outcomes of the fights before they happened.”

“When St. Pierre fights Carlos Condit what’s going to happen,” he asked rhetorically before adding he would be willing to bet most people would have the same answer as him (lay on top, grind him out for five rounds and pick up the decision).

“Isn’t that amazing,” Pavelich continued. “That’s pro wrestling. That’s WWE wrestling when you know the outcomes of things. Do you really know what’s going to happen between Lima and Martin? Do you know what’s going to happen between Jimmo and Sokoudjou? You don’t, and that’s the beauty of MFC. You’re going to see real fights where you go, ‘Sh*t, I don’t know what’s going to happen here.’”

“I can’t stand it. That’s why I don’t watch that stuff,” he concluded on other organizations’ style of putting fights together.

MFC 31: The Rundown” will be shown live on HDNet, part of their recently signed five-year deal. In addition to the previously mentioned bouts MFC 31 will also feature a handful of other match-ups including submission specialist Kajan Johnson looking to snap 11-1 opponent Richie Whitson’s five-fight winning streak.