The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 makes its long anticipated debut in less than an hour and, like many of you, Five Ounces of Pain will be glued to the set as the landmark reality series counts down to a season finale featuring coaches Michael Bisping and Jason “Mayhem” Miller taking to the Octagon as well as the crowning of both a bantamweight and featherweight TUF champ.

Also notable is the fact this will be the final season on Spike TV before things switch over to FX in early 2012 with a new real-time format including a live fight every week.

Rather than a simple recap, throughout the festivities this fall 5 OZ will be providing live commentary during each episode including assessments of each fighter and breakdowns of the action, not to mention a snarky remark or two relating to the behavior of coaches and contestants.

Read below to get our take on things as they unfold in this week’s episode (and make sure to join in on the discussion in the “Comments” section below:

*Is it just me or are the light blue and orange the worst TUF colors ever?

*Fights are taking place in an actual arena on this episode and not in the usual UFC gym. That’s a pretty cool change even though there are no people in the crowd. Fans are voting for best KO, Submission, and Fight of the season. I don’t know how smart that is after the fans screwed up “Fight of the Night” voting at UFC 129, but at least these guys will get some extra money.

*”Planet Earth, don’t blink, big pimpin D Bomb is throwin down,” says one of the guys. I hope he wins.

*Fight One – Josh Ferguson vs. Casey Dyer (Bantamweights): Josh says he has a good overhand right, Casey is only 21 years old. And just like that, Josh drops Casey with an overhand right and pounds Casey out. Maybe this guy’s overhand right is like Cody McKenzie’s guillotine.

*Fight Two – Diego Brando vs. Jesse Newell (Featherweights): Diego says that God tells him that he has skills. God seems like a pretty good cornerman. Jesse puts it on him early, but Diego gets a takedown and gets the back. Jesse scrambles up and then gets dropped with a left hook. Diego follows up with a flying elbow ala Dan Henderson on Bisping at UFC 100. Even though the fight lasted less than a minute, Jesse’s face is messed up. Miller makes sure to bring that up.

*Fight Three – John Dodson vs. Brandon Merkt (Bantamweights): Brandon says, “knowing that I can be beat, keeps me from getting beat.” John showed really good striking, hurt Brandon with a body shot, and then overwhelmed him with strikes. Then he decided to do a running backflip off the cage.

*Fight Four – Dennis Bermudez vs. Jimmie Rivera (Featherweights): Dennis tells the story of how he used to be a wrestler, but a girl told him that she was pregnant. So he helped raise the kid for two years, then the girl left him, and then he found out the kid wasn’t his. Jimmie dominated the first round, rocking Dennis early with a right hand and just out-boxing him on the feet. When it went to the ground, Jimmie had back control and nearly submitted him at the end of the round. In the second round, Dennis turned it around caught Jimmie, pounced on him, back mounted him, and pounded him out. Good fight.

*Fight Five – BJ Ferguson vs. Roland Delorme (Bantamweights): BJ is the brother of Josh, who was in the first fight. Roland showed some excellent jiu-jitsu, defending the takedowns with a guillotine, then a kimura, before locking up a triangle choke after failing to secure the armbar. A jiu-jitsu clinic by Roland.

*Fight Six – Marcus Brimage vs. Bryson Wailehua-Hansen (Featherweights): Bryson dominated the early portion of the fight, getting a takedown and taking the back of Marcus. But Marcus got to his feet and rocked Bryson with a knee followed by a flurry of dozens of power punches. Somehow Bryson stayed on his feet even though Marcus hit him with everything he had in his hands. In the second round Marcus continued to put it on him with his hands, but Bryson never went down. The ref saved him though and stopped the fight. Bryson’s chin is on the level of “Cabbage” Correira.

*Fight Seven – Carson Beebe vs. Johnny Bedford (Bantamweights): Carson is the little brother of Chase Beebe. Johnny finished Carson with a guillotine choke after rocking him with a left hook and head kick. Johnny looked really good in this fight, using his reach well and showing off some good scrambles. Possibly the best performance thus far.

*Fight Eight – Dustin Pague vs. Tateki Matsuda (Bantamweights): Tateki is the first Japanese fighter on the show. These two hit each other a lot in the first round and showed off some good striking, especially Tateki with his kicks. Tateki also got a takedown and ended the round on top. Tateki was controlling the early portion of the second round with a takedown but he got dropped with a combo. Dustin finished the round strong, controlling the top position. Close back and forth fight that could have gone to a third round but two of the judges gave the fight to Dustin, giving him a majority decision

*Fight Nine – Paul McVeigh vs. Louis Gaudinot (Bantamweight): Bisping knows Paul from the Scottish fight scene. Louis has green hair. We only got highlights on this fight. The fight was back and forth in the first round but Louis dominated the second round. It ended up going to a third round and Louis continued to dominate. Louis actually hit an upward elbow as Paul was stuffing the takedown against the cage. Louis won the decision, he looked really good on the highlights and he looks like a green haired Diego Sanchez.

*Fight Ten – Eric Marriott vs. Bryan Caraway (Featherweights): More highlights. I thought we were getting all 16 fights in their entirety? Bryan tried to finish in the first with submissions from the top position and then in the second round utilized lay n pray. Dana didn’t seem too impressed, like he’d rather watch Miesha Tate fight or something.

*Fight Eleven – Josh Clopton vs. Dustin Neace (Featherweights): More highlights. Seemed like an even fight on the ground but Dustin did enough to win the decision, which baffled Bisping. Dana thought Josh won as well. Dustin celebrated like he won the world title.

*Fight Twelve – Matt Jaggers vs. TJ Dillashaw (Bantamweights): TJ trains with Team Alpha Male. So I bet he wins by guillotine. Back to full fights now. The fight was pretty even on the feet, but then TJ got a takedown and roughed him up with punches. Matt got to his feet though, but he ate some big shots. Matt landed a good body kick that hurt TJ, but TJ got another takedown and pounded him unconscious just as the horn sounded.

*Fight Thirteen – Steven Siler vs. Micah Miller (Featherweights): Micah is the brother of Cole Miller. He says, “Even though I don’t know who my opponent is, he knows who I am, and he knows he’s screwed.” Dana crossed the guy off his list before the fight even started. We’re back to highlights. Steven was dominating on the feet and won the first round. Then he was dominating again in the second but almost got caught in a submission when he went for a takedown. The fight went to a third and Steven submitted Micah with a guillotine as Micah went for a takedown. ROCKY IS IN THE BUILDING!

*Fight Fourteen – John Albert vs. Orville Smith (Bantamweights): More highlights. John was dominating on the feet but decided to take the fight to the ground. Everyone thought that was a mistake, but John got the back and tapped him out with a rear naked choke.

*Fight Fifteen – Stephan Bass vs. Karsten Lenjoint (Featherweights): Still highlights. Karsten got tired in the second round and got caught in a triangle choke in the second round.

*Fight Sixteen – Brian Pearman vs. Akira Corassani (Featherweights): These two just threw bombs the entire first round. Both guys got hit with some hard punches but Akira started to land the harder shots. Brian would not go down though, until he finally went down with a left hook. A fun slugfest. Akira ends it with, “Try to rattle me? I come from the streets.” Then he sprayed water on Miller, which Bisping loved.

*Dana was impressed with the fights and said they were some of the best in the shows history. Yeah, they were pretty great. “Welcome to The Ultimate Fighter” is how we end.

Winners List: Josh Ferguson, Diego Brando, John Dodson, Dennis Bermudez, Roland Delorme, Marcus Brimage, Johnny Bedford, Dustin Pague, Louis Gaudinot, Bryan Caraway, Dustin Neace, TJ Dillashaw, Steven Siler, John Albert, Stephen Bass, Akira Corassani

*Very good first episode. I usually don’t like the first episode being a bunch of fights, but this one was paced well and all the fights were good.