With each passing step in the final march towards this weekend’s UFC 135 event it seems things between light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and former title-holder Quinton Jackson have progressively deteriorated with a number of personal jabs made thus far in conference calls, interviews, and even online through Twitter.

Their heated rivalry was at full boil this afternoon when the two 205ers met with press in Denver alongside UFC President Dana White, as well as co-headlining welterweights Josh Koscheck and Matt Hughes.

Five Ounces of Pain, as usual, was tuned in to report back to readers with relevant information and scintillating soundbytes.

Fans can catch UFC 135 live on PPV starting at 9:00 PM EST with preliminary fights being shown earlier on Spike TV and through Facebook.

Read below for a full rundown of all the good stuff:

Jon Jones:

– Says he has never said “Rampage” doesn’t have the tools to beat him and is not underestimating him / Gives credit to Jackson’s success in the past as a “unified champion”
– Jokes that he is “still growing public hair” and has a “fresh chin..and a fresh passion, a fresh heart” and says it will get him out of a lot of things
– Thinks that its ridiculous to think MMA needs to evolve because it’s constantly evolving
– His life hasn’t changed much since winning the title other than expecting more from himself
– Believes a lot of fans think he’s “fake” because Rashad Evans and “Rampage” have large followings and spread their opinions through them
– Doesn’t have a particular outcome in mind but it’s his goal to be the first person in the UFC to finish Jackson

Quinton Jackson:

– Glad Jones is underestimating him and plans on surprising him Saturday night
– Was extremely motivated and had a great camp / Was especially excited about MusclePharm’s facilities
– Isn’t surprised that people aren’t giving him a lot of credit for having a chance to win the fight, doesn’t care other than making him want to work harder
– “A lot of people want me to lose this fight but that gives me more power.”
– Credits Jones for being unique, says his stand-up is “okay” and doesn’t feel his BJJ is “extraordinary”
– “He’s a creative kid but I’ve prepared for everything.”
– Exchanges words with Jones saying he doesn’t have his experience and hasn’t really fought anyone, that he hasn’t gone to the championship rounds
– Has enjoyed his time in Denver
– Doesn’t know if there will be a A-Team 2

Matt Hughes:

– Says his camp was like a family and lists off guys like Jeremy Horn, Robbie Lawler, Pat Miletich, and others
– Never got offered a fight with Koscheck before this
– Hasn’t decided on what he’ll do after this fight regardless of outcome but will definitely not sign another four-fight deal

Josh Koscheck:

– Thinks it’s cool to be part of history in terms of the UFC returning to Denver
– Thanks Hughes and the UFC for letting him step up to take the fight
– Reiterates that he stepped up because he felt everyone else at 170 pounds is tied up
– Says he’d asked for this fight for a long time and wasn’t sure why he never accepted it or it was never presented to Hughes
– Always motivated to test himself as a fighter and person and “what a great test I have Saturday”
– Thinks he’s a big welterweight and is still looking at a few fights at 185 pounds
– “I want big fights. I want big names.”
– Doesn’t want to disrespect Hughes plus jokes that didn’t have a lot of time to talk trash due to the short notice involved

Dana White:

– Jokes that HHH’s father-in-law (Vince McMahon) is finally letting him speak out loud and that he’ll learn to not say such stupid sh*t
– White is comfortable with Koscheck trying out middleweight
– Calls Jones vs. Jackson a “breakthrough” fight
– Explains Hughes has never turned down a match-up the company has offered him
– Confirms Jon Olav Einemo has been re-signed and that the organization is looking at possibly having a show in Sweden
– Hasn’t decided on what the next TUF weight-classes will be
– Gives advice to a prospective TUF guy about getting better with Jones joking that he should grow an afro and dye it green