Eight middleweights took center stage tonight on MTV/EPIX when Bellator 50 unfolded live from Hollywood, Florida. Bellator’s second entry into the Season 5 catalog, the event was highlighted by the opening round of the promotion’s 185-pound tournament and match-ups featuring a number of recognizable stars in action.

Two of the evening’s most-anticipated match-ups featured former finalist Alexander Shlemenko’s submitting DREAM veteran Zelg Galesic in the first round and Bryan Baker’s battling with Jared Hess, both of whom have made recent comebacks from serious adversity, for two solid rounds before pounding Hess out in the third.

Read below for a full breakdown of Bellator 50 outcomes:

Preliminary Card:

J.P. Reese def. Martin Brown via Unanimous Decision
Cristiano Souza def. John Kelly via Unanimous Decision
Ailton Barbosa def. Ryan Keenan via Rear-Naked Choke Round 1
Rad Martinez def. Brian Van Hoven via Unanimous Decision
Brett Cooper def. Valdir Araujo via TKO Round 3
Shah Babonis def. Marcos da Matta via TKO Round 3
Marcelo Goncalves def. Dietter Navarro via Armbar Round 1

Bellator Middleweight Quarterfinal Competitors:

Vitor Vianna vs. Sam Alvey

Fight Summary: Tentative stand-up to open things up with Alves being the aggressor. He lands a handful of leg kicks in the first few minutes with Vianna not really throwing anything significant in return. Vianna shoots in with a minute remaining in the first frame but can’t get the takedown.

Vianna continues to look to counter-strike with Alvey and absorbs a few stiff shots for his trouble including a nice right hook to the body. The Brazilian clinches with “Smilin” Sam, then eats a few knees as he struggles tp take Alvey down to the ground. Vianna changes levels and actually gets a takedown but can’t hold Alvey down. A brief scramble ensues on their feet and they end up clinched again. They separate and exchange blows. Vianna clips Alvey and works his way behind him. However, the round ends before he can do anything other than likely even things up on the scorecards.

Even though it’s either man’s fight neither seems to be committing, at least until Alvey rushes forward but ends up clinched with Vianna again for his effort. Vianna is going all out to take things back to the ground but can’t. The ref re-starts action in the center of the cage after a relatively stalemate against the cage. Vianna is bleeding from his nose at this point. He shoots a single-leg but Alvey backs up against the fence and maintains his balance. Only a minute left and the fight seems up for grabs. Vianna clips Alvey with a couple of nice lefts but Alvey fires back. Vianna goes for a final failed takedown and a flurry of strikes to end the third round.

Winner – Vitor Vianna def. Sam Alvey via Split Decision

Alexander Shlemenko vs. Zelg Galesic

Fight Summary: The two tap gloves and feel each other out for about ten seconds before exploding. Shlemenko tosses Galesic to the ground and rains down some punches from above. Shlemennko backs up and lets Galesic stand up. The two exchange a few more combos until Shlemenko sees an opening during a brief clinch where he pulls Galesic’s head down, then locks in a standing Guillotine Choke for the tap-out.

Winner – Alexander Shlemenko def. Zelg Galesic via Submission Round 1 (Standing Guillotine Choke)

Brian Rogers vs. Victor O’Donnell

Fight Summary: Within the first minute the two are clinched with O’Donnell’s back against the cage. The separate and go back to the center of the cage. Lots of power shots are thrown. Rogers catches O’Donnell with a huge right hand and pounces of top. He throws some punches and the ref calls for the stoppage. O’Donnell springs up and is furious, saying he wasn’t out. Replays show him yelling at the ref mid-stoppage.

WINNER – Brian Rogers def. Victor O’Donnell via TKO Round 1 (Strikes)

Bryan Baker vs. Jared Hess

Fight Summary: Animated stand-up at the start until Hess presses the action, locks his arms around Baker’s waist, and gets a takedown. Baker tries to stand up and Hess moves around to his back for a RNC attempt. Baker defends for as long as possible and twists out of the submission at the last minute. He gets back up to his feet and the two start fighting in the clinch again. Hess tries for another takedown but Baker sprawls. Both are battling back and foth with strikes. Hess looks a little winded. Baker latches on to Hess’ neck and goes for an Anaconda Choke. Hess defends and circles his way out of the submission. Baker springs in and goes for another similar hold and locks it in tight but the round expires.

Slower opening sequence than in the first frame. Hess shoots a takedown thirty seconds in but Baker sprawls. The two scramble for a bit with Hess nearly falling into an Armbar. Things get back to a standing position before Baker jumps onto Hess’ back and goes for a Rear Naked Choke. He abandons the BJJ for a few strikes from behind. Hess works his way back up to his feet and eats some knees to his midsection as a result. Hess still looking wobbly. Baker catches Hess with an uppercut, then locks his body up and takes him down. He finishes the round alternating between Hess’ back and full mount.

The two clinch right away with Baker working hard for a takedown that does eventually come. He ends up on Hess’ back and throws some blows. Baker puts a hook in and attempts another RNC. He gets a second hook in and tries to flatten Hess out. He succeeds and starts raining down some ground-and-pound. Hess turns to his side, eats a few more shots, and ends up TKO’d shortly thereafter.

WINNER – Brian Baker def. Jared Hess via TKO Round 3 (Strikes)