There’s some MMA action going down in Texas tonight and Houston fans have to be looking forward to seeing fireworks after watching the Astros all season. Coming to us live from the Houston Arena Theater in Houston, Texas, it’s Legacy FC 8. As always, Five Ounces of Pain will provide complete results including a fight recap of all the live televised action.

Things kick off tonight on HDNet at 10PM EST.

Legacy FC 8 is headlined by former UFC competitor Pete Spratt taking on long-time MMA veteran Jorge Patino for the vacant welterweight title. In the co-main event, Andrew Craig takes Eric Schambari in a middleweight showdown.


Rashon Lewis vs. Ricardo Talavera

Fight Recap: First round was all on the feet for the most part with Lewis chopping at Talavera with leg kicks but Talavera got a quick takedown and immediately jumped on the back. Lewis was able to escape to his feet though but ended up back on his back at the end of the round. Talavera worked the jab in the second round before getting a takedown and then nearly sinking in a d’arce choke. Lewis escaped though and rocked Talavera on the way up but didn’t follow up. Third round was all on the feet with Lewis landing his jab and Talavera doing nothing but using inside leg kicks. Nothing of significance happened in the third except for Lewis stuffing some takedowns. Talavera should take the decision 29-28.

Result: Rashon Lewis def. Ricardo Talavera via Split Decision

Larry Crowe vs. Ike Villanueva

Fight Recap: In the first round, Crowe got an early takedown, didn’t really do anything with it, but managed to hold dow Villanueva for most of the round. Villanueve finally got up and landed some good knees and uppercuts in the clinch before the round ended. The second round was fairly competitive but Villanueve was controlling things and doing more damage with dirty boxing. Then, out of nowhere, Crowe landed a head kick that put Villanueva out cold. Great ending.

Result: Larry Crowe def. Ika Villanueva via KO Round 2 (Head Kick)

John Malbrough vs. Jeff Rexroad

Fight Recap: Malbrough got an early takedown in the first but Rexroad used a very good offensive guard to keep Malbrough on the defensive. Malbrough avoided every submission attempt though and landed punches when he was able to create some openings. Rexroad dropped Malbrough with a counter right immediately in the second, pounced on him, got the back, and locked on a rear naked choke for the victory. The round was over near the one minute mark.

Result: Jeff Rexroad def. John Malbrough via Submission Round 2 (Rear Naked Choke)

Steve Garcia vs. Steven Peterson

Fight Recap: Peterson got an early takedown and as Garcia tried to scramble up, Peterson got a standing arm-in guillotine. Peterson finally dropped to his back, squeezed with everything he had, and forced Garcia to tap out. Whole thing took just over a minute.

Result: Steven Peterson def. Steve Garcia via Submission Round 1 (Guillotine Choke)

Andrew Craig vs. Eric Schambari

Fight Recap: Schambari dominated the first four minutes of round one, taking down Craig, controlling him, getting the back, and nearly sinking in the choke. Craig survived though, got to his feet, and then rocked and dropped Schambari with a quick combination. Schambari was able to hold on until the 2nd round though. Schambari constantly looked for the takedown in round two but all his shots were slow and telegraphed, allowing Craig to easily defend. Craig dropped Schambari again, this time with a head kick, but Schambari was able to hold on for survival before eventually getting up and getting a takedown near the end of the round, ending the round on top. Craig cut Schambari early in the round but Schambari fought through that and got a takedown. Craig got to his feet, ended up putting Schambari on his feet, and nearly finished him with an arm triangle but Schambari survived. Schambari got to his feet but Craig continued to out-strike him before fending off a takedown at the end of the round. Good fight. Craig should take the decision.

Result: Andrew Craig def. Eric Schambari via Unanimous Decision

Pete Spratt vs Jorge Patino

Fight Recap: First round was all the feet with Spratt controlling things. Patino got nothing going, except for a takedown attempt, which Spratt stuffed. Spratt opened up a cut on the nose of Patino, landed some big kicks to the body, and scored with some good right hands. Patino got a takedown early in the second and almost got the back but Spratt immediately scrambled to his feet. The rest of the round was on the feet with Spratt landing the more damaging blows, but Patino firing back as Spratt continued to drop his hands. Slow start to the third round before Patino decided to press forward with strikes. Patino dropped Spratt with a quick flurry. Patino jumped on Spratt, and had the back and mount at different points but Spratt avoided the submission attempts and got to his feet. Both men were tired heading into the fourth but gutted through. Spratt again landed the more damaging strikes while Patino was successful when he pressed forward, which he didn’t do enough. Spratt was in control on the feet for the majority of the final round, but ended up getting taken down with two minutes left. Patino had the back and mount but again couldn’t finish. The fight ended with Spratt dropping back with Patino riding on his back. Close fight that could go either way, but I’d give a slight edge to Spratt.

Result: Jorge Patino def. Pete Spratt via Split Decision to win the vacant Legacy FC Middleweight Title