The world is a week away from the latest season of the Ultimate Fighter where colorful competitors Michael Bisping and Jason “Mayhem” Miller will each take a team’s reins and coach a group comprised of bantamweights/featherweights.

Debuting September 21, Season 14 will mark the final run of TUF on Spike TV before heading to the FOX family and will culminate in a live finale scheduled to feature a fight between Miller and Bisping.

Before the curtain drops on TUF 14, newly anointed rivals Bisping and Miller will sit down with media today at 2:00 EST for a conference call. As always, Five Ounces of Pain will be on hand to relay all the relevant quotes and other nuggets of information back to readers.

Check below for live updates from the call as they unfold in real time:

Michael Bisping:

– Makes fun of Miller having multiple personalities / “I hate him. I think most people around him find him very, very annoying.”
– Explains the fights on the show were incredible and he really enjoyed working with the members of his team
– Says some of the members of his team were shocked that he wasn’t an “asshole” after how he’d been portrayed in the media
– Miller wasn’t as annoying as Jorge Rivera because Rivera made it personal while Miller was “just idiotic” / “His mouth is definitely bigger than his brain. He’s very childish and easy to get one up on him.”
– Jokes that Miller sounds like he’s trying to sweeten him up and not beat him up so badly on December 3, makes fun of Miller’s assault case against his sister
– Gave Miller the benefit of the doubt before the show but it didn’t take long for “Mayhem” to get under his skin
– Never hesitated to be a coach, calls the opportunity “prestigious”, but the downside is that he’s been out of action for ten months and that beating Miller isn’t the type of opponent to earn him a title-shot
– Thinks Anderson Silva hasn’t cleaned out the division because he hasn’t fought him yet
– “I definitely got the respect from my team. I hope I get the same from the viewers.”
– “This was always a big opportunity for Jason. He went from fighting on the undercard to fighting me.”
– Ready to send Miller back to the undercard
– His coaching staff is a bit different than his season against Dan Henderson based on no other reason than availability
– “I wouldn’t say I hate him. Hate is a strong word. Do I find him annoying and irritating? Yes I do. Do I want to knock him out on December 3? Yes I do? Do I want to see harm befall him and his family? No.”
– Jokes that he’s excited about the show’s debut next week because people who ask him who he’s fighting next will know who Miller actually is with TUF on
– Laughs at Miller for bringing a chiropractor as part of his coaching staff

Jason Miller:

– Says Michael is a complex character who you can write many volumes of knowledge on / “Yes, as the season went on I hated his guts…and then I didn’t like him that much…and now I hate his guts again!”
– Apart from the incredible fights and talented group of contestants, he feels he and Bisping but a “damn good show on” because they have a strong personality and knew they were bound to clash
– “I’m gonna smash your face and choke you.”
– “The coaching aspect really got me amped to train. I was like, ‘Wow, look how much effort these guys are putting in the room!’ and it got me reinvigorated…”
– Bisping “proved himself to be a prick” within a few weeks
– Credits the quality of the contestants / “These guys were well-developed athletes…great fighters…and so it was all about the competition. We didn’t have one lackluster fight all season.”
– “There were some upsets. There were some guys who the media have heard of and covered their fights before. Guess what – they’re not coming in the house.”
– As much as he wanted to stay active over the past year he knew TUF was better for his career and the UFC than “fighting in Vegas with no hype around me”
– Thanks Bisping for the opportunity to beat him up
– Didn’t feel any pressure because he knew the UFC did a great job of casting this season, contributed to the lack of ratings last season because even HE wasn’t interested in watching their personalities on TV
– Laughs at the assertion he might have mocked Bisping’s team members like on “Bully Beatdown”
– Was slightly caught offguard by the amount of cameras involved and couldn’t imagine living in the TUF house because at least he got to go home every night
– Hates Bisping but there is a mutual respect on some level because they’ll be in the cage across from each other / “As a person, I hate him, but at the end of the day we’re all fighters and there is a brotherhood amongst fighters. All of us.”
– Cracks on Bisping’s coaching staff