A week ago the issue with Nick Diaz was his apprehension to speaking publicly about a main event match-up with welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre. Now it seems the blunt brawler doesn’t know when to shut up.

“The truth is Georges doesn’t want to fight me in the street or in a cage. He knows who I am, and he knows where I came from,” Diaz recently explained in an interview with MMAJunkie. “I don’t have the commitment? I’m younger than him, I have more wins in my career than he does, and I’ve worked harder to get where I am. He knows the truth, and he didn’t say anything and won’t say anything because he doesn’t want to get his ass whipped by me the same way he got his ass whipped by Jake (Shields) – the night we went to the press conference and Georges went to the hospital.”

The harsh criticism was only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the tongue-lashing Diaz gave to his popular peer.

“I really don’t appreciate this motherf—– sitting there at that press conference and laughing at me. That’s some real bitch sh-t. He’s sitting there laughing like it’s funny or something. If I saw Georges on the street and called him a bitch, I bet you he wouldn’t do sh-t. I bet you if I walked up and gave him a slap, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t do sh-t. But you can’t do that to me. That’s not how it works for me. That’s something to fight about.

“The bottom line is Georges is being a little bitch,” Diaz continued. “He didn’t step up and say anything when the UFC pulled me out of this fight. I understand sometimes you have to do what you’re told, but why wouldn’t you tell the media you still want to fight me? If I was Georges, I would want to fight the best. I would have asked for the Anderson Silva fight. I would have asked to fight the Strikeforce champ. But he sits there like a robot and doesn’t say anything at all, just like he’s not going to say anything about me calling him a bitch now. If I saw B.J. Penn walking down the street and called him a bitch, we would be fighting right there on the spot.”

The blunt brawler spoke a bit more about Penn too, though not without alluding to St. Pierre in the process.

“It’s not like it’s an easy fight for me,” the son of Stockton said of his new opponent at UFC 137. “I’m not like these bitches. I’m not going to hold Penn down the whole time like these guys have done. They held B.J. down because they’re bigger than him and stronger than him. I’m not going to do that. I’m not a little bitch to try and hold somebody down. I’m going to go out there and fight this tricky motherf—– and it could mean a lot of problems for me. It would have been a lot of problems for them, too, if they had fought him like I fight. They would have lost that fight.

However, as negative as Diaz’s statements were regarding “Rush”, he also made it clear he did see a silver lining to the dark cloud cast over the situation.

“I am happy for Carlos (Condit),” the 28-year old Californian explained. “He has a kid and a family. I have don’t have any of that. I gave all that up to fight and be the best. I hope this opportunity helps Carlos and his family.”

The comments come less than a week after Diaz apologized in taped statement for missing “the beauty pageant” , otherwise known as a now-infamous press conference where Condit was named as Diaz’s replacement after the former Strikeforce title-holder didn’t show up to promote the fight to media.