Bellator FC was back tonight with their fifth season and another tournament poised to determine their ever-growing welterweight division’s top contender (as well as winner of the promotion’s next six-figure payday). Competing in the Season 5 fray are a number of recognizable fighters including Brent Weedman, Ben Saunders, Chris Lozano, Douglas Lima, and Dan Hornbuckle.

The night featured a number of evenly-matched bouts with three decisions and a dominant performance from a tournament favorite.

Moving on to the semifinals were Saunders, who landed a series of vicious knees on opponent Chris Cisneros to seal the deal, as well as Luis Santos who outpointed promotional veteran Hornbuckle. Also winning decisions were Lozano and Lima.

Another highlight of the card was the announcement that Kurt Pellegrino had signed with Bellator and will fight at a later date against Patricky “Pitbull” Freire.

Here’s a full text-based rundown of Bellator 49 results as they unfold in real time:


Azunna Anyanwu def. J.A. Dudley via TKO Round 2 (Strikes)
Lester Caslow def. James Jones via TKO Round 2 (Strikes)
Joel Roberts def. Brylan VanArtsdalen via Technical Submission Round 2 (Triangle Choke)
Giedrius Karavackas def. LeVon Maynard via TKO Round 3 (Strikes)
Alexandre Bezerra def. Scott Heckman via TKO Round 2 (Strikes)


Douglas Lima vs. Steve Carl

ROUND ONE: Fighters circle each other until Carl lands a stiff right hand that turns Lima’s legs to spaghetti. Carl rushes in but ends up the ground and eventually on his back after the ensuing scramble. Lima backs out after a minute of ground and pound, likely signaling he’s recovered from the earlier scare. Lima stalks forward but won’t commit to any exchanges. He springs forward, kicking Carl’s leg out from under him, and then goes down into half-guard before passing into side control. The two end up standing again after a failed transition from Lima and strike for the last 30 seconds of the round. 5 OZ scores it 10-9 Carl for making Lima do the stanky leg.

ROUND TWO: The two rush out and start striking. Carl drops down and goes for a leg lock but gives it up shortly thereafter knowing he can’t complete the submission. Lima moves down into half-guard. A little pitter-patter between the two leads to an opening for Carl to scoot back and stand up. More singular shots are exchanged with a particularly nice push kick sending Carl back a few steps. Carl attempts a takedown but Lima sprawls. More work on the ground with a Kimura attempt from Carl but nothing conclusive. Lima much busier in this round and controls the bulk of it. Should be a 10-9 frame for Lima.

ROUND THREE: Carl charges in and almost gets clipped. He circles back into position and the stand-up exchanges begin. Lots of power shots from each. Lima hits a few hard leg kicks. The two clinch with Carl opting to fall back and pull guard. Lima quickly moves to half-guard, then shortly thereafter makes his way into side control. Action alternates between half-guard and side control with a few minor strikes from both. Lima efforts his way into full mount amd postures up. Carl tries to scramble and nearly gets caught in a RNC. However, Carl spins around and ends up on top in LIma’s guard. Carl stands up and tries to land some shots from above. Lima fights off his attack and the round expires. Most like 10-9 for Lima for a 29-28 Unanimous Decision win.

WINNER – Douglas Lima def. Steve Carl via Unanimous Decision

Dan Hornbuckle vs. Luis Santos

ROUND ONE: Head-kicks are exchanged in the first minute showing both men are ready to throw. Not much action midway through the fight other than a couple of glancing blows. Hornbuckle the aggressor and keeps pushing forward. Santos lands a nice strike and wobbles Hornbuckle for a bit but nothing significant develops. Santos closes out the round with a few powerful leg-kicks and most likely wins the round 10-9 too.

ROUND TWO: “Sapo” and Hornbuckle show more of the same in the second. Seems to be a very evenly-matched fight thus far with a lot of stalemating. Santos shoots in and gets a takedown. A minute later the ref stands things up based on the lack of activity. The pace temporarily picks up in the final minute of the second stanza but quickly fizzles out. Round over and it was a snoozer for the most part. Probably Santos’ given the takedown.

ROUND THREE: Hornbuckle comes out swinging, likely aware that he’s down on the scorecards. He lands a head kick that stuns Santos who flops to his back. Hornbuckle measures Santos up but doesn’t throw a punch before Santos can scramble back to his feet. Santos judo-throws Hornbuckle to the ground and starts working from guard. Santos throws strikes from the top but isn’t very busy prompting the ref to reset the action. Santos backpedals to avoid too much confrontation. The crowd doesn’t like his strategy and boos. Santos responds with a big head-kick that rocks Hornbuckle and springs into action. Hornbuckle holds on for the remaining 30 seconds but definitely loses the round after the final flurry. 30-27 Santos on the 5 OZ scorecards.

WINNER – Luis Santos def. Dan Hornbuckle via Unanimous Decision

Ben Saunders vs. Chris Cisneros

ROUND ONE: The round starts out violently with a pair of head-kicks from Saunders. He clinches with Cisneros and starts throwing knees. “Killa B” wrenches his down to the ground and starts working from the top. Saunders goes into side control and then quickly slides into full mount. The TUF alumnus rains down strikes from above (and occasionally behind when Cisneros gives up his side/back). Saunders makes an error and gives Cisneros an opportunity to scramble out. He almost ends up taking Saunders down but gets reersed and ends up with his back on the mat once again. Cisneros quickly sweeps and tags Saunders a few times. He backs out to a standing position for the final few ticks of the round. Still, Saunders round for the most part so 5 OZ will gives it to him 10-9.

ROUND TWO: Saunders gets over aggressive and ends up being taken down when he springs forward and misses. However, he overcomes to mistake and makes his way into side control. He locks in a Kimura which is deep enough to make Cisneros start writhing. The Hawaiian moves enough to get out of the submission hold but is still in trouble. Saunders starts landing huge knees to Cisneros’ midsection and shoulder-area. He almost secures a Crucifix position and hits Cisneros with some solid lefts. All Saunders at this point. Keeps working on Cisneros from the top as the clock ticks all the way down to zero. 20-18 Saunders thus far.

ROUND THREE: Saunders clinches with Cisneros right away and delivers some brutal knees. Cisneros falls over in pain and Saunders springs on top to clean up the rest. Less than thirty seconds into the third and we’ve got a winner…

WINNER – Ben Saunders def. Chris Cisneros via TKO Round 3 (Strikes>

Brent Weedman vs. Chris Lozano

ROUND ONE: Neither welterweight wastes any time and come out throwing. Lozano catches Weedman who returns the favor with a solid shot of his own. Weedman scoops Lozano up, who attempts to grab the fence, and takes him down. Lozano makes his way back up to a standing position and the fighters start throwing knees at each other from the clinch. Lozano hip-tosses Weedman onto his back but Weedman scrambles and gets back up. More striking followed up by a clinch and takedown, this time in favor of Weedman. He gets Lozano’s back and starts trying to procure a Rear-Naked Choke. Weedman tries to flatten Lozano out but can’t lock the submission in. Lozano survives but probably loses the round after Weedman’s overall control. 10-9 Weedman.

ROUND TWO: Slugging to start the second stanza out. Lozano lands a few nice shots and pushes Weedman up against the cage. He backs out and they go back to striking it out in the center of the cage. Lozano lands a nice counter-left inspiring Weedman to shoot for a takedown. Lozano stuffs it and the stand-up continues. Weedman catches a few more strikes on the chin and looks hurt but keeps moving forward. Lozano eats a big right but fires back with a few punches of his own. Both men look somewhat out of it right now. Lozano lands a big uppercut and follows it up with a left cross but Weedman keeps pressing. Great round that goes to Lozano based on the damage done (though easily Weedman’s from a “show of heart” standpoint). 19-19 tie right now as far as I’m concerned.

ROUND THREE: Similar stanza to the last one, at least for the first 40 seconds until Weedman shoots for a takedown. He takes things to the mat for a short while but things are standing again before long. Lozano gets a throw and starts working on Weedman from above. The Cleveland native moves into mount for a tick butis back in half-guard before long. Weedman looks to be fading at this point and gives up his back after absorbing some more strikes. However, he knuckles up and stays active. A sweep attempt fails when Lozano maintains his balance. Round ends with Weedman getting a somewhat sloppy takedown. Good fight. Lozano is moving on to the semis on the 5 OZ scorecard.

WINNER – Chris Lozano def. Brent Weedman via Unanimous Decision