Pat Healy here, your friendly neighborhood Strikeforce lightweight. This is my first of what should be many blogs here at 5 OZ where I’ll give you all some insight on my life both a fighter and a lover of nature.

As you probably know, I’m fighting Maximo Blanco tomorrow night on the Strikeforce Grand Prix card so I’m already on the ground in Cincinnati. It’s actually a pretty loose week though, fairly open in terms of my schedule. Strikeforce didn’t leave a lot of stuff for us to do which is nice. They got me in plenty early. In the pre-Zuffa Strikeforce, they used to fly us in the day before weigh-ins and then you’d have to do all these interviews the day OF the weigh-ins. You felt rushed, like everything was a hassle. You were trying to get your weight cut between the areas you were doing photo shoots in. So it’s quite nice to be able to be here, relax a little bit, and focus on what I need to focus on which is winning the fight and making weight.

One of the great things about fighting is the travel and seeing so many different cities. I like to get out, walk around the city and stuff. I’m actually staying in Kentucky right across a suspension bridge from Cincy so I’ve gotten out, walked around and checked out the town. Cincinnati seems more like high-rise buildings so I’ve found more stuff on this side that’s relaxed. I’m little more of a laid back country guy than into “big city style”.

As far as the fight with Blanco, I feel 100% even though it’s on short notice. I was kind of eyeing this event even before my last fight. Since I came out of the Eric Wisely bout injury-free I hopped right back into training. Basically, I figured Josh Thomson might pull out of the match-up because he’s always getting injured or Blanco could have some trouble getting into the States since its first time over here. I had this little voice in the back of my head that was like, “Get in the gym! Don’t miss that training session!”

When things get started in the ring I expect Blanco to rush me, fight his style. He likes to go after you crazily, flurry on you, and then lay back. I think it’s important for me to make him fight consistently. All he’s shown is that flurried pace up to this point and there’s now way if I take the fight to him the whole time he’ll be able to keep up. That’s pretty much my style anyways – put his back against the cage, let him feel it for the first time.

Like I alluded to before, when I’m not training I’m usually doing something outdoors. I’m a huge Bear Grylls fan and watched his show, what he does. I’m on this property now that’s 150 acres in the Oregon wilderness, up in the mountains. There are these great cliffs like 80 feet high. Some are straight down, like a dead drop, while other parts are like a two-tier structure…all sorts of amazing rock formations. Recently a friend of mine from Australia, Liam, and I did some “mud sliding”…just playing around, challenging ourselves to jump down feet-forward and let the momentum carry you while leaning back so you don’t fall…just slide down the hill. There are four really good spots. Some are really steep where if you go ten fight to the right you’ll fall another thirty feet. So you definitely don’t want to miss on that one. Some are a little less steep. It’s best in the winter time when it’s a little wet – you jump, just go for it, put your feet down, and trust in the mountain to take you down.

I’ll include some video at the bottom of this so you can all check out some of my mud-sliding mayhem. Also, make sure you catch my fight Saturday night on Showtime where I’ll be picking up a third straight win. In the meantime you can also follow me on Twitter (@bambamhealy) where you can see some videos of all the mud-sliding mayhem.