Pugilists and pineapples were in full effect Saturday night, as the new version of ProElite fired up from the Aloha State with an event featuring former UFC heavyweight champ Andrei Arlovski looking to take the first step back towards his former glory. Also in action were undefeated Olympic wrestler Sara McMann and TUF 3 winner Kendall Grove in addition to B.J. Penn‘s brother, Reagan Penn, and hard-hitting UFC veteran Drew McFedries.

Arlovski avoided absorbing any clean strikes to his often-questionable chin and pulled out the victory, though not necessarily in highlight-reel fashion as he plodded his way to the third round TKO over 5-3 Ray Lopez. The performance improved Arlovski’s overall record to 16-9 and was his twelfth strike-based stoppage.

Grove, on the other hand, looked much better in his first post-UFC appearance, latching on to a Guillotine Choke early on in his bout with Joe Riggs and securing the victory in less than a minute. The success broke a two-fight skid “Da Spyder” had been on and avenged the first loss of his career.

Read below for a more-detailed breakdown of the action from “ProElite: Arlovski vs. Lopez”…

Drew McFedries vs. Garret Olson

Fight Recap: Olson, who took this fight on a couple days notice, was doing well early with his striking activity and cage control, but McFedries dropped him late with a lead hook. Olson survived, but was dropped again at the end of the round with a body shot. McFedries couldn’t finish though, and Olson made it to the 2nd frame. In the second round, McFedries dropped Olson early with a left and tried to finish but Olson moved enough to avoid the stoppage. For the rest of the round, Olson looked for the home run punch while McFedries stayed composed and picked his shots. McFedries dropped Olson again late in the round, and this time put him away with strikes.

Result: Drew McFedries def. Garret Olson via TKO Round 2 (Punches)

Sara McMann vs. Raquel Pa’aluhi

Fight Recap: Pa’aluhi is the hometown favorite and the crowd is really behind her. McMann dominated the first round with her aggressiveness and wrestler. She constantly threw flurries to get inside, clinched, and powered Pa’aluhi down to the ground. Pa’aluhi did a nice job defensively on the ground and scrambling up but anytime McMann wanted the takedown, she got it. The second round was more of the same with McMann dominating with her wrestling. She had mount at one point and was pounding away but Pa’aluhi survived. Pa’aluhi went for a triangle late but McMann easily fended it off. Pa’aluhi tried her best to make it a brawl in the third round but McMann quickly clinched and got the takedown every time. Just over halfway through the round, McMann locked up a kimura from side control and forced Pa’aluhi to tap. Very entertaining scrap.

Result: Sara McMann def. Raquel Pa’aluhi via Submission Round 3 (Kimura)

Jake Heun vs. Mark Ellis

Fight Recap: Heun came out quickly in round one but Ellis’ wrestling instincts took over and he put Heun on his back. Heun did take too much damage on the ground but every time he got up, Ellis put him right back on the ground and passed to better positions, including getting mount and back mount. Heun still very in the fight after the first though. Round two was a back and forth submission battle. Heun survived a d’arce choke and kimura attempt, nearly locked up a kimura of his own, but eventually Ellis got the back and locked on a rear naked choke. Really entertaining ground fight.

Result: Mark Ellis def. Jake Heun via Submission Round 2 (Rear Naked Choke)

Reagan Penn vs. Paul Gardiner

Fight Recap: For those that don’t know, Reagan is the brother of BJ Penn and he sounds exactly like him. Gardiner immediately went for a takedown but Penn stuffed it, spun to the back, and locked on a rear naked choke. Fight lasted just over a minute.

Result: Reagan Penn def. Paul Gardiner via Submission Round 1 (Rear Naked Choke)

Andrei Arlovski vs. Ray Lopez

Fight Recap: For some reason, despite being the headlining fight, this bout is going on 2nd to last. Arlovski stayed patient on the feet, picked his shots, and got out before Lopez could fire back. Arlovski ended up getting a takedown right into mount. Arlovski pounded on him and went for an armbar but Lopez slipped out, got the back, and tried to finish with the choke bu the round ended. All Arlovski in the first until Lopez nearly shocked the MMA world. Second round was all Arlovski as he got on top of Lopez within the first two minutes and pounded on him from every position, including the mount. Lopez covered well and survived, but he’s getting beat up. Lopez swung for the fences early in the third but once again, Arlovski got the takedown into mount, and pounded on Lopez. The ref finally saw enough and stopped the fight. Not a great performance by Arlovski, but he gets the win.

Result: Andrei Arlovski def. Ray Lopez via TKO Round 3 (Punches)

Kendall Grove vs. Joe Riggs

Fight Recap: Riggs went for a takedown after eating a straight punch and Grove immediately locked up a standing guillotine, which forced Riggs to tap out. Quick fight.

Result: Kendall Grove def. Joe Riggs via Submission Round 1 (Guillotine Choke)