Forrest Griffin had a lot on his mind last night at UFC 134: Silva vs. Okami. Not only did he have to fight Mauricio Rua in his home country of Brazil, but back in Griffin’s hometown of Las Vegas, his wife was expecting their first child at any moment.

In the rematch, it was “Shogun” who came up victorious, knocking out The Ultimate Fighter season 1 winner in just under two minutes.

Scheduled to go into labor nine days later, Griffin’s wife texted her husband after the bout that she was due to give birth at any moment.

UFC President Dana White, showing his support for his fighter and family, offered the former light heavyweight champion a ride back home in his private plane.

“He was just texting with her before he came in here, and she said she thinks she’s ready to go, so I’m leaving tonight and he’s flying home with me tonight,” White said.

Despite the distraction, Griffin made no excuses for his loss. “I had a decent camp going into this. It’s been nine weeks since the last time we were (in Brazil),” said Griffin at the post-fight press conference. “It’s just setting in. I think that’s a fight that I definitely could have done a lot better. It sucks when you do poorly at your job.

“I’m not really 100 percent sure (what happened). I had a lot of opportunities to go, and I didn’t go. The gameplan was to get off after he missed. He missed a couple of times big, and I just stood there and let him off the hook. It was partly that, and I didn’t really stay in a rhythm.”

However, White defended Griffin, saying, “Forrest is a warrior. He wears his heart on his sleeve. I have so much respect for him for coming and taking this fight in this situation. He knew he was going to be in this situation. He was just hoping, she was supposed to be nine days later.”

Even though he took the fight and made the trip to Brazil in his current situation, Griffin did remark that, “If I’d have known it was going to work out like this, I would not have taken the fight. We were supposed to have nine more days.”

“I want to thank him. I appreciate the fact he took this fight,” said White. “His wife is literally getting ready to deliver their baby in Las Vegas right now. So we’re going to try and get him home as fast as we can.”

White and Griffin are currently in route to Vegas, where Griffin’s wife is expected to deliver their baby girl at any moment.