From one championship clash to a pair of them, the UFC shifted gears after today’s earlier conference call related to UFC Rio and turned their focus towards the Lone Star State where a number of the fighters set for action at UFC 136 took part in a press conference.

On hand were lightweight champ Frank Edgar, as well as his challenger and the only man to beat him, Gray Maynard, plus top featherweight contender Ken Florian who faces explosive Brazilian Jose Aldo at the event. UFC President Dana White also participated and in fact ended up getting the bulk of the crowd’s questions..

Five Ounces of Pain was tuned in and has highlights from the proceedings including quotes, insight, and information in general. Read below to see how things unfolded in Houston:


Frank Edgar:

– Says he and Gray are both highly motivated after coming off a draw
– Not interested in going to a decision again
– Bringing the title home to New Jersey is not just for himself personally but for the State

Gray Maynard:

– The rematch has been on his mind every day and every night since January 1
– Says it will be up to Edgar as far as if the fight goes five rounds because he’ll be going for the finish the entire time

Jose Aldo:

– Feels he will come back stronger than ever and expresses that he wasn’t gassed in the fifth round of his title-defense against Mark Hominick
– Learned his legkick technique from Pedro Rizzo

Ken Florian:

– The cut for his featherweight debut was especially difficult based on the fact it was his first time and he was coming off an injury, this time has been a different story
– Tries to focus on the tasks in front of him, hadn’t thought much about whether or not he would earn a title-shot so quickly

Dana White:

– Jokes that it will be interesting to see what Chael Sonnen says about Brian Stann and if he wins this fight he’ll be back in the cage with a Brazilian sooner than later
– Isn’t sure what would be next for Melvin Guillard if he gets back Joe Lauzon because of how stacked the division is
– “Before guy hit a ball over a wall or threw a ball through a circle two guys punched each other and someone ran over to watch it.”
– “We built this company based on all the things boxing did wrong.”
– A Hall of Fame induction is possible
– Again mentions they had 350,000 people interested in tickets for UFC Rio and feels they could have filled a soccer stadium
– Still not commenting on reports that the UFC has signed with FOX / “I also didn’t comment when the Wall Street Journal reported we bought G4.”
– The reason judging/reffing mistakes drive him crazy is because it affects the lives of fighters who have put time/energy/money and risked their health to be part of the event