If I asked you, “Who has the deadliest Muay Thai in MMA,” chances are you’d say, “Anderson Silva”…and if you didn’t say then I’d probably call you a liar.

Well now, thanks to MMA Instruction Manual: The Muay Thai Clinch, Takedowns, Takedown Defense, and Ground Fighting by Silva and Glen Cordoza, you can learn all the tricks of the trade that make “The Spider” one of the greatest fighters of all-time.

This book is broken down into eight parts: Muay Thai Clinch Offense, Muay Thai Clinch Defense, Cage Tactics, Takedowns, Takedown Defense, Attacking The Guard, Fighting off your Back, and Focus Mitt Combinations. The book is a follow up to Silva’s first instruction guida, which focussed mainly on striking.

There are plenty of MMA manuals on the market today so why should you buy this one? Because it’s put together at a high level, provides well explained instructions, and you know the techniques work.

The key to any good instruction manual of this type is pictures, and there are plenty of those in MMA Instruction Manual. Every technique in the book comes with a frame-by-frame breakdown, with multiple angles, featuring Silva and sparring dummy Feijao Cavalcante along with a caption to fully explain what’s going on. It’s almost impossible not to comprehend what is going on in the book and with the techniques because every is laid out in front of you and well explained through the pictures and text.

The biggest reason why I like this book though is because you know these techniques work. Being a student of the game, after I read this book, I actually went back and watched the majority of Silva’s UFC fights. After seeing these techniques and seeing them broken down in pages, it’s amazing to watch them come to life via DVD. The first two parts of the book is Muay Thai techniques, both offensive and defensive. I read the chapter and then fired of Silva’s two bouts against Rich Franklin and watched the techniques being used before my eyes. Had Franklin had this book in 2006, maybe he wouldn’t be part of Silva’s highlight reel.

Obviously this book isn’t going to transform you from a keyboard warrior into a UFC champion overnight, but it’s a step in the right direction. You need to pay close attention to all the little details, really soak in what you’re reading/looking at, and then do a lot of practice with your own sparring dummy. Ask your friend if he wouldn’t mind being kneed and elbowed in the face for awhile by explaining to him that if you guys ever get into a bar fight, you’ll do all the work.

If you’re a MMA fan who is currently training, whether it is just for fun or for sport, then I highly recommend this book. It’s packed with invaluable knowledge from one of, if not the, best fighter in the world and filled with techniques that you know work against the best fighters in the world. Even if you’re just a fan who wants to have a deeper understanding of the technical aspect of the sport then this book is worth picking up.

MMA Instruction Manual is available now in bookstores and online. Check out the video below for a further look at the material…