In a move likely to deliver more definitive finishes and a greater aura of importance, the UFC has decided to change course and will now book all future headliners as five round fights rather than three as has been the case in the past. However, any main event match-ups currently signed will still take place under the old structure.

Dana White revealed the organization’s decision earlier today during a press conference with media where it was also made clear the type of card – PPV, Fight Night, TUF Finale, etc. – won’t make a difference in regards to the move towards twenty-five minute main events.

In another landscape-altering announcement, the UFC President shed light on the company’s intention to create a flyweight division (125 pounds) with the expectation it will be in place by year’s end while stating a number of fighters have already been eyed for bringing aboard. It’s also likely current bantamweights on the roster, such as 135-pound standout Demetrious Johnson, will look to drop down as was the case when WEC‘s lighter divisions were folded into the UFC.