The thirteenth season of The Ultimate Fighter has wrapped with the latest champion being crowned, Tony Ferguson.

Ferguson continued to show the same stand-up skills earning him a spot in the TUF 13 main event against fellow finalist Ramsey Nijem by dropping his opponent in the opening round and finishing him to earn the title of “Ultimate Fighter”.

Also on the card was an explosive lightweight showdown between top contenders Anthony Pettis and Clay Guida, where Guida outpointed Pettis, as well as a middleweights match-up between Tim Credeur and Ed Herman where Herman finished Credeur early after a well-placed uppercut.

Read below for detailed TUF 13 Finale results:


Reuben Duran def. Francisco Rivera via Submission Round 3 (Rear Naked Choke)
Scott Jorgensen def. Ken Stone via KO Round 1 (Punches)
Clay Harvison def. Justin Edwards via Split Decision
Shamar Bailey def. Ryan McGillivray via Unanimous Decision
George Roop def. Josh Grispi via TKO Round 3 (Body Shot)
Jeremy Stephens def. Daniel Downes via Unanimous Decision


Chris Cope vs. Chuck O’Neil

Round One: O’Neil opened up with a lot of leg kicks early while Cope tried to establish his jab. Cope did a nice job going to the body while his strikes but O’Neil hung tough and fired back with counter punches while continuing to chop the leg of Cope. Cope may have been busier with his strikes but I feel that O’Neil landed the more effective strikes. Close round overall though. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for O’Neil.

Round Two: O’Neil kept up with the leg kicks while Cope continued to mix things up with his hands. Cope was once again the more busier of the two fighters and this round he really limited O’Neil’s effectiveness by avoiding the kicks and counters. Much better round for Cope, who looks like he’s starting to take control of this fight. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Cope.

Round Three: Cope came out and once again controlled the pace by mixing up his strikes and putting together good combinations. O’Neil really struggled to get anything off in this round. O’Neil went for a takedown halfway through the round but Cope stuffed it, made O’Neil pay with strikes, and then let out a “WOOOO!” as he broke free. Cope rocked O’Neil with a spinning back fist but O’Neil survived as Cope tried to end it with a flurry. Very strong round for Cope. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Cope and the fight 29-28 for Cope.

Result: Chris Cope def. Chuck O’Neil via Unanimous Decision

Fabio Maldonado vs. Kyle Kingsbury

Round One: Kingsbury started strong with some good knees in the clinch but Maldonado did a nice job blocking most of them. Kingsbury went for a takedown and was caught in a guillotine but managed to escape. Maldonado did a nice job jabbing to the body of Kingsbury and landing a good left hook. Kingsbury kept trying to clinch but Maldonado made im pay with some good hooks to the body. Kingsbury got a takedown but Maldonado got up and went back to the body. Kingsbury landed some good knees at the end of the round. Close round but a slight edge to Moldonado based on all the body shots. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Maldonado.

Round Two: Kingsbury got an early takedown but Maldonado swept him and got to his feet. Kingsbury again tried to do the majority of his work from the plum clinch with knees but Maldonado kept working the body with uppercuts. Kingsbury worked hard for takedowns but Maldonado fended them all off. Close round but a slight edge again to Maldonado. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Maldonado.

Round Three: Maldonado started strong with some good right hands but Kingsbury fired back with some stiff jabs. Maldonado continued to work the body of Kingsbury. The left eye of Kingsbury is a mess. Maldonado got a takedown but Kingsbury controlled him and forced a stand up with a minute left. The fight ended with Maldonado getting a takedown. Good round for Maldonado. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Maldonado and the fight 30-27 for Maldonado.

Result: Kyle Kinsgbury def. Fabio Maldonado via Unanimous Decision

Ed Herman vs. Tim Credeur

Round One: Creuder opened strong with some good counter punches but in the middle of the exchange, Herman caught him with a short uppercut that dropped him. On the ground, Herman landed a couple of punches that put Creuder out and forced the ref to jump in.

Result: Ed Herman def. Tim Creuder via TKO Round 1 (Punches)

Anthony Pettis vs. Clay Guida

Round One: Guida got an early takedown off a kick. Pettis attacked with submissions but Guida stay postured, avoided them, and landed some punches. Pettis tried a spring up kick but Guida avoided it and kept Pettis down. Pettis still attacking off his back but Guida would have none of it. Guida landed some good shoulder strikes on the ground to end the round. Good round for Guida. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Guida.

Round Two: Another early takedown by Guida and he put Pettis’ back against the cage and just controlled him. Pettis got up but Guida stuck to him for a good period of time. Pettis finally got up and landed a good head kick but Guida took it. As Guida backed against the cage, Pettis tried a push off 360 spinning back kick but Guida avoided it. Guida got another takedown with just under a minute left and controlled Pettis. Pettis nearly got an armbar at the end of the round but Guida managed to survive. Another good round for Guida with the takedowns and control. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Guida.

Round Three: Guida got another quick takedown after a good right hand. Pettis continued to look for submissions off his back but Guida stuffed them all. Pettis got up and Guida went for a throw but Pettis reversed it and ended up on top. Pettis got the back but Guida escaped out the back door and got on top. Guida ended the round on the back of Pettis. Another strong round for Guida with the takedowns. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Guida and the fight 30-27 for Guida.

Result: Clay Guida def. Anthony Pettis via Unanimous Decision

Tony Ferguson vs. Ramsey Nijem

Round One: Nijem came out strong with strikes but Ferguson ducked under and got a takedown. Nijem got to his feet, ate some uppercuts on the way up, but fired right back. Ferguson landed a good combo but Nijem came right back with a flurry and then stuffed a takedown. Nijem was hanging in there on the feet but Ferguson clipped him with a left hook that put Nijem down. A couple of punches on the ground and Nijem with out.

Result: Tony Ferguson def. Ramsey Nijem via KO Round 1 (Punches)