Back in Las Vegas for their annual Memorial Weekend event, UFC presented “UFC 130: Rampage vs. Hamill” on Saturday night with headliner Quinton Jackson holding off Ultimate Fighter alumnus Matt Hamill and likely earned a title-shot in the process as long as he checks out medically.

Another of the night’s notable performances belonged to Frank Mir, who outclassed Roy Nelson throughout their three-round affair, while former Marine Brian Stann did his fellow veterans proud on Memorial Day Weekend by knocking out former SRC middleweight champ Jorge Santiago in the second stanza of their main card match-up.

Read below for a more-detailed breakdown of all the UFC 130 action…


Renan Barao def. Cole Escovedo via Unanimous Decision
Michael McDonald def. Chris Cariaso via Split Decision
Gleison Tibau def. Rafaello Oliveira via Submission Round 2 (Rear Naked Choke)


Kendall Grove vs. Tim Boetsch

Round One: Boetsch got some early takedowns and roughed up Grove a bit on the ground. Grove went for an armbar but Boetsch avoided it and allowed Grove back up. The rest of the round was spent in the clinch with both men trading control but Grove doing more damage with knees to the body. Relatively close round but a slight edge to Boetsch based on the takedown. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Boetsch.

Round Two: Grove started the round well, controlling the clinch and landing knees to the body but Boetsch got a trip takedown into side control and battered Grove with short elbows and punches. Grove worked his way to his feet a couple of times but Boetsch put him right back down each time. Grove finally got up at the end of the round but couldn’t do anything on the feet. Grove looks frustrated walking back to his corner. Strong round for Boetsch with the takedowns. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Boetsch.

Round Three: Boetsch got an early takedown but Grove was right back up. Grove again landed some good knees to the body in the clinch but Boetsch was too strong for him and put him back down. Grove kept getting to his feet without taking much damage on the ground but Boetsch just kept pressing forward and getting the takedown. Grove managed to get up and get a takedown of his own but Boetsch quickly reversed him and finished the round on top. Very effective round for Boetsch. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Boetsch and the fight 30-27 for Boetsch.

Result: Tim Boetsch def. Kendall Grove via Unanimous Decision

Miguel Torres vs. Demetrious Johnson

Round One: Johnson used leg kicks early and then got a takedown but Torres immediately swept him over. Torres controlled the position for an extended period of time but Johnson ended up reversing Torres back up. Torres went for a kneebar but Johnson escaped and ended up on top after a scramble. Torres was active off his back and went for a guillotine as the round ended but Johnson got free. Not much damage done by either man but Torres was controlling and active on the ground. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Torres.

Round Two: Johnson again got an early takedown but Torres swept him over with a triangle attempt. Johnson got back to his feet and put Torres back down. Then they traded positions on the ground and Torres almost locked up an inverted triangle but Johnson escaped and stayed on top. Torres stayed active though with strikes. Johnson ended the round in half guard but couldn’t do any damage. Johnson spent the majority of the round on top but Torres was more active with strikes and submissions. Very close round but I give it to Torres because of the activity. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Torres.

Round Three: Johnson again with the early takedown but Torres wrapped him up and tried for an armbar. Johnson was able to escape though. Torres remained active off his back with submission and sweep attempts but Johnson stayed on top the entire time. Torres eventually swept Johnson over to full mount. Johnson hipped out of mount but Torres remained on top. Torres went for a guillotine but Johnson escaped and got to his feet. Johnson pressed forward on the feet and got a takedown just as the bell rang as Torres grabbed a guillotine. Another close round but Torres was again more active on the ground. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 Torres and the fight 30-27 for Torres.

Result: Demetrious Johnson def. Miguel Torres via Unanimous Decision


Brian Stann vs. Jorge Santiago

Round One: All on the feet early with both men trying to find their rhythm. Santiago was looking for the straight right but Stann had success with a counter right. Stann started using more leg kicks and set them up well with his hands. Stann dropped Santiago with a short left hook and swarmed on him on the ground. Stann tried to finish with strikes but Santiago weathered the storm and regained his composure. Stann stayed on top though continued to rough up Santiago with hammerfists. Santiago got up at the end of the round but still looked wobbly. Strong round for Stann with the knockdown and ground and pound. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Stann.

Round Two: Santiago tried a takedown early but Stann fought it off. Santiago started to find a home for the straight right but Stann did a nice job firing right back. Some good exchanges as Stann landed a nice uppercuts, Santiago landed a spinning back fist, and Stann came back with a left hook. Stann continued to put good combinations together while Santiago couldn’t get anything going. Stann eventually dropped Santiago with a right hook, landed a couple of shots on the ground, and the ref jumped in to stop things.

Result: Brian Stann def. Jorge Santiago via TKO Round 2 (Punches)

Rick Story vs. Thiago Alves

Round One: Story got an early takedown but Alves was right back up. Story stayed on Alves in the clinch though and landed some good knees to the thighs of Alves. Alves was able to break away but Story put him right back onto the cage in the clinch. Story landed a good flurry on the clinch break and then went back to controlling Alves against the cage. Some big exchanges at the end of the round with both men connecting with some hard punches. Strong round for Story. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Story.

Round Two: Alves opened up with some kicks but Story closed the distance and got the takedown. Alves got right back up though and got the takedown on Story. Story exploded back up though and stayed tight to Alves in the clinch. Story not doing much damage in the clinch but he’s wearing on Alves. Alves was finally able to escape but he couldn’t get anything going on the feet. Another controlling round for Story. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Story.

Round Three: Alves landed a good knee early that seemed to rock Story. Alves followed it up with some good punches but Story hung tough. Story having succes with body shots while Alves is landing some clean punches to the chin. Alves stuffed the takedown and continued to tag Story with the left hook but Story is proving to have a great chin. Alves caught Story with a knee coming in but Story took it and kept coming. Alves finished strong with some good knees and punches but Story continued to take the shots. Good round for Alves but maybe too little too late, 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Alves but the fight 29-28 for Story.

Result: Rick Story def. Thiago Alves via Unanimous Decision

Travis Browne vs. Stefan Struve

Round One: Both men opened with some good kicks. Browne is the aggressor and he’s really looking for the right hand but Struve is doing a nice job countering. Browne ended up getting a takedown but Struve tripped Browne down and went for an anaconda choke. Browne was able to get free though and get back up. Browne caught Struve with a huge superman punch that dropped him. A couple of punches on the ground and Struve was out.

Result: Travis Browne def. Stefan Struve via KO Round 1 (Superman Punch

Frank Mir vs. Roy Nelson

Round One: Nelson initiated an early clinch but Mir turned it around. They traded positions but Mir landed a knee on the break. Mir went for another knee but Nelson countered with a good right hand. Nelson tried to clinch again and Mir roughed him up with some huge knees to the head. Nelson landed a good right on the break and some uppercuts but Mir came back with more knees. Mir hit a beautiful throw and moved right to mount but Nelson got right back up and stayed on Mir in the clinch. Good first round. Edge to Mir based on damage but Nelson had his moments. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Mir.

Round Two: Nelson landed some good right hands early but Mir fired back with some good body kicks. Mir got a takedown from the clinch and into half guard but Nelson got up. Mir stayed on him some more in the clinch and managed to get another takedown. Nelson got up again though. Nelson looking very tired as they break away. Another body kick by Mir but Nelson against answered with the right hand. A lot of clinching to end the round. Good round for Mir with the takedowns and just wearing out Nelson. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Mir.

Round Three: Both men looking very tired to start the round. Mir managed to get a takedown and land some short elbows. Nelson kept managing to get up but Mir just stays on him in the clinch and continues to put him back down. Big elbows by Mir on the ground. The round ended with Mir controlling the clinch. Another good round for Mir. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Mir and the fight 30-27 for Mir.

Result: Frank Mir def. Roy Nelson via Unanimous Decision

Quinton Jackson vs. Matt Hamill

Round One: Jackson stuffed an early takedown and tried to make Hamill pay with punches but Hamill moved away well. Hamill trying to lead with the right while Jackson trying to counter with the uppercut. Hamill having success with leg kicks. Jackson doing a good job of stuffing the takedown but Hamill avoiding the counter. Big right hand by Jackson. Hamill retreating as Jackson presses forward. Hamill’s lip is busted and the round ends. Hamill started well but got frustrated when his takedowns weren’t working, which led to Jackson opening up. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Jackson.

Round Two: Hamill trying to throw the right straight and then god for a takedown but Jackson is easily stuffing it. Jackson making Hamill pay every time he gets close. Big uppercut followed by a knee by Jackson and he once again stuffed the takedown. Jackson really working the body of Hamill now. Big round for Jackson. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Jackson.

Round Three: More of the same in this round. Hamill kept trying for takedowns but Jackson kept stuffing them and making him pay with uppercuts and hooks. Hamill had his moments in the clinch but Jackson was too strong for him. Jackson rocked Hamill a couple of times with the right uppercut-left hook combo. Jackson tried to finish strong but Hamill covered well. Another strong round for Jackson. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Jackson and the fight 30-27 for Jackson.

Result: Quinton Jackson def. Matt Hamill via Unanimous Decision