Bellator 45 sent Season 4 with a bang by featuring not one, but two tournament final fights, including the crowning of a light heavyweight champion.

The card was headlined by Christian M’Pumbu pounding his way to victory to procure the belt in his light heavyweight title tilt against Richard Hale. In the other conclusion to a Season 4 tournament, featherweights Patricio “Pitbull” Freire and Daniel Straus battled it out for three tough rounds with the dynamic Brazilian coming out on top due to a Unanimous Decision. “Pitbull” will now move on to face 145-pound champ Joe Warren later in the year.

Also notable amongst the night’s results was Karl Amoussou‘s debut defeat at the hands of Sam Alvey by way of Split Decision.

Read below for a more-detailed breakdown of the card’s action:


Ben Parpart def. Joe Abercrombie via Submission Round 1 (Rear Naked Choke)
Rene Nazare def. Kalvin Hackney via Submission Round 1 (Rear Naked Choke)
Luis Santos def. Nicolae Cury via Unanimous Decision
Tim Ruberg def. Mike Fleniken via Unanimous Decision
Shawn Jordan def. John Hill via TKO Round 1 (Strikes)


Karl Amoussou vs. Sam Alvey

Round One: After a slow start, Amoussou tripped Alvey down with a leg kick and got his back in a scramble but Alvery quickly turned into the guard of Amoussou. The ref stood them up after Alvey failed to do anything. Amoussou ended up hitting a throw and then stepped right into mount. From the mount he battered Alvey with elbows, which badly cut him. Amoussou went for an armbar from the mount but he slipped off and Alvey ended up in guard. The round ended with Alvey in the guard of Amoussou throwing short punches and bleeding all over the place. Big round for Amoussou with those elbows. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Amoussou.

Round Two: Amoussou seemed tired to start the round. Alvey tried to counter Amoussou coming in and had some decent success with a left hook. Amoussou’s best strikes early were leg kicks. After a clinch that went nowhere, Amoussou took a long period of time to adjust his cup. Thing slowed down again before a wild exchange that was won by Amoussou. Another clinch went nowhere before Amoussou get a trip takedown, moved right to mount, but was again reversed with Alvey on top and in guard. Alvey spent the rest of the round on top throwing short punches while Amoussou threw strikes off his back. Close round that could go either way. I’ll give a slight edge to Alvey because he landed some good counters and ended the round on top. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Alvey.

Round Three: Amoussou shot in early but Alvey stuffed it and made Amoussou pay with knees. They ended up in a long clinch with Amoussou controlling and both men throwing knees. Amoussou ended up catching Alvey with a knee to the groin, which caused a break but Alvey fought on. Alvey landed some good counter punches but then went for a takedown, which was blocked, and Amoussou landed a good flurry of his own. After a clinch where nothing happened, Alvey reversed a trip takedown and ended up on top. Alvey finished the round in guard with a big flurry. Another relatively close round. Ending on top with a flurry probably stole it for Alvey though. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Alvey and the fight 29-28 for Alvey.

Result: Sam Alvey def. Karl Amoussou via Split Decision

Daniel Straus vs. Patricio Freire

Round One: A very long clinch to start the fight that was controlled by Freire but neither man did any damage. Straus went for a takedown but it was stuffed. Straus got the back standing but Freire spun out with relative ease. Neither man could get anything going on the feet. Freire stuffed another takedown and then landed a good flying knee as the bell rang. A pretty uneventful round but Freire stayed off his back, controlled the clinch, and did land the cleaner strikes. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Freire.

Round Two: Freire landed some cleaner strikes early and then got a big takedown. As Straus tried to get up, Freire landed a knee to the face, which caused a break. On the replay, it was clear that the knee was to the body. The fight resumed quickly. Freire had success with leg kicks and every time Straus moved in, Freire ducked under for a takedown. Straus stuffed every takedown though. Straus was getting the better of the strikes although he didn’t land much. A nice ending to the round as Straus landed a good knee and then hit a throw and grabbed a front face lock as Freire got up at the end of the round. Another uneventful round for the most part but a slight edge to Straus for stuffing the takedowns and landing some good strikes. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Straus.

Round Three: Straus started strong, turning up the aggression with his striking but Freire blocked and moved well. Freire put together a nice flurry but Straus covered well. Freire landed a good right hand and then got a takedown but Straus popped right back up. Freire dropped his hands and told Straus to hit him so when Straus moved forward, Freire moved back. Freire kept trying to counter the straight left of Straus with a takedown but Straus kept stuffing them. Freire kept showboating and went for a flying knee but Straus got behind him and hit a suplex. Freire was right back up though and ended the round sprawling and throw short punches. Good round for Freire but Straus made it interesting at the end. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Freire and the fight 29-28 for Freire.

Result: Patricio Freire def. Daniel Straus via Unanimous Decision

Richard Hale vs. Christian M’Pumbu

Round One: M’Pumpu had a lot of success early with leg kicks. Hale tried a takedown but M’Pumpu blocked it, got up, and landed a huge knee. M’Pumbu dropped Hale with a left hook and tried to finish but Hale survived. Instead of blowing himself up, M’Pumbu just allowed Hale back up. M’Pumbu continued to chop at Hale with leg kicks but those were the only significant strikes for the rest of the round. Good round for M’Pumbu with the knockdown. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for M’Pumbu.

Round Two: Hale was the aggressor to start the round but he had trouble finding the chin of M’Pumbu. M’Pumbu continued to have success with the leg kicks. Hale began switching stances in the middle of the round, a sign that the lead leg is taking a beat from the leg kicks. Hale continued to be the aggressor but still couldn’t really land anything all that clean. The round ended with a short clinch. Uneventful round. Hale was more aggressive, which probably means he won the round but M’Pumbu is wearing him down with leg kicks. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Hale.

Round Three: Hale clipped M’Pumbu with a right hand early and then shrugged off a takedown attempt. M’Pumbu has really gone away from the leg kicks in this round. Hale continued to pressure but still had trouble landing anything clean. M’Pumbu doing almost nothing offensive and not countering when Hale moves in. Finally M’Pumbu turned up the pressure and dropped Hale with a right hand. M’Pumbu worked very hard to finish and after a ton of clean strikes and hammerfists, Hale finally went out and the ref jumped in to stop things.

Result: Christian M’Pumbu def. Richard Hale via KO Round 3 (Punches) to win the vacant Bellator Light Heavyweight Title