If UFC Hall of Fame member Royce Gracie is negotiating a return to the UFC in late summer when the organization heads to Brazil for UFC Rio it’s apparently news to Dana White. In fact, the thought of the Gracie in the cage after a four-year break from competition isn’t one the UFC President is even interested in seeing come to fruition under his company’s banner.

White clarified the UFC’s position on Gracie, who has been actively lobbying for a fight at the August 27 event and said talks were ongoing between the sides, in a brief exchange with MMAFighting.

The final man standing at UFC 1 in 1993, Gracie hasn’t been seen in the MMA ring since a lackluster decision win over Kazushi Sakuraba in 2007 and subsequent positive test for steroid use shortly thereafter. The controversial win brought Gracie’s record to 2-1-2 since his 2000 classic with Sakuraba in PRIDE with a draw to Hideo Tokoro and TKO loss to Matt Hughes in the two outings prior to the appearance at “Dynamite!! USA”.

Assuming Gracie does indeed remain retired the man whose last name is synonymous with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will maintain an overall record of 14-2-3 with twelve submission wins including success against Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn, and a number of other fighters considered to be the forefathers of the sport in its current form.