For the past month Michael Bisping has endured harsh criticism from countless individuals including fans, fighters, and boss Dana White as a result of his unprofessional actions against Jorge Rivera at UFC 127. One of the people taking issue with the Ultimate Fighter Season 3 winner’s decision to illegally knee Rivera and spit at his corner was Nate Marquardt, a fellow middleweight who recently threw his name in the hat of interested options for Bisping by questioning his character and openly expressing a desire to have his fist meet the Brit’s face at some point in the future.

It looks like “The Count” was listening, and while he apparently doesn’t share Marquardt’s interest in a match-up he definitely had a few choice words of his own to offer in response to his peer’s statements as he made clear in a recent discussion with The MMA Hour.

“He’s a steroid cheat, let’s not forget that,” the 32-year replied when asked about Marquardt while referring to 2005 suspension for testing positive for a performance enhancing drug (nandrolone). Marquardt later had the suspension reduced after coming back clean in a subsequent test and proving to the NSAC the substance he used was available over the counter.

“He’s had points taken away for illegally kneeing people himself, and then he goes out talking about me as if I’m Satan or something. The guy’s an absolute hypocrite,” Bisping continued.

Marquardt was penalized at UFC 85 after kneeing a downed Thales Leites in a move ultimately playing a role in the Coloradan losing a Split Decision.

The outspoken Bisping didn’t stop at simply questioning Marquardt’s moral fiber but also brought up important past performances where “Nate the Great” didn’t live up to his nickname.

“He sh*t the bed every time he’s in a main event,” Bisping began. “He’s had three #1 contender fights and a title shot and lost them all. I want to fight the top guys and I think Chael Sonnen for me is the biggest possible name I could get, and that’s what I’m hoping for. Nate Marquardt doesn’t excite me.”

Like Marquardt, Sonnen has also lobbied for a chance to get his hands on Bisping even going so far as to write a letter to UFC matchmaker Joe Silva worded in his own unique style.

As far as Bisping’s reasons for wanting to face him, the 21-3 striker made it clear he felt Sonnen was not only an “amazing fighter” but a “challenge” and close second to champ Anderson Silva as indicated in the Team Quest competitor’s razor-thin loss to “The Spider” at UFC 117.