When the third round of Martin Kampmann and Diego Sanchez’s scrap earlier this month at “UFC Live 3” expired fans were left salivating for a few extra frames in hopes of seeing the continuation of an instant-classic. Their desires were further fueled by Sanchez outpointing his adversary even though he seemed to have taken to bulk of the bout’s damage.

It now appears that wish for additional action from the two talented welterweights has been answered…sort of.

Kampmann, who has lobbied for an immediate re-pairing with Sanchez based on the result, recently drew the attention of “The Dream” via Twitter who responded with not only a hint of mild surprise but also a clear message for the Dane – win a fight first and then maybe they can talk.

“You really want a direct rematch? I trained no boxing! Zero! I just wrestled my ass off,” Sanchez began. “I underestimated your takedown defense and had to resort to my street-fighting loco skills and almost dropped you; I seen your legs. I was not in my best shape.”

Further arguing his case against taking on “The Hitman” a second straight time, Sanchez brought up the fact he hadn’t even asked to fight Jon Fitch after losing a Split Decision while continuing, “Plus you just lost two in a row. You need to get a W (and) then we can talk rematch. Your punches had snap to cut but no power.”

“Almost dropped me??? Nah, as far as I remember you where the only one that got dropped. Wise up,” Kampmann quickly responded.

Likewise, the original Ultimate Fighter winner also denied being damaged beyond superficial wounds in the fight, replying, “Watch it again. I got hit off balance while jumping in for a hook! (It) in no way dazed me not at all. If I can’t get a better fight (where) a win would move me up the ladder, I would love to fight you again!”

In closing Kampmann kept it simple, saying, “Let’s make it happen then,” before boarding a plane to head to Canada.

Sanchez also showed some respect to his newfound rival before moving on, acknowledging, “If we fight again it will be an even better fight. If it happens it happens you’re always a fun fight.”

Kampmann is 17-5 in his career and had lost a Split Decision to top contender Jake Shields last October. Prior to the defeat he had won two in a row with past victories over Paulo Thiago and Carlos Condit to his credit.

Comparably, Sanchez holds an overall record of 23-4 and has put together back-to-back victories including Kampmann and Thiago. He has also found success in the Octagon against respected foes including Ken Florian, Clay Guida, and Strikeforce welterweight title-holder Nick Diaz.