Echoing sentiments from the Mixed Martial Arts community, it appears Dana White will discipline Michael Bisping based on the Brit’s lack of professionalism during and after his bout with Jorge Rivera at UFC 127. While no specifics were mentioned regarding the punishment or what exactly prompted the decision it was revealed a suspension, fine, and possibly both were on the table.

News of the UFC President’s plan was first reported by MMAFighting. No time table on the sentencing was revealed.

The controversy surrounding Bisping’s behavior started early in last weekend’s match-up when “The Count” blatantly grabbed the cage to prevent being swept in the first round, then later planted an illegal knee cleanly on Rivera’s chin while later claiming the blow had been accidentally thrown a bit early despite video replays appearing to reveal calculation in the shot. Bisping was deducted a point and the fight continued with Rivera severely slowed.

Bisping’s questionable actions continued after finishing “El Conquistador” with strikes in the second round when he decided to spit out of the Octagon towards Rivera’s corner saying it was meant to land on the floor and not boxing coach Matt Phinney.

Five Ounces of Pain contacted Rivera’s management team at Alchemist MMA who responded with their position on the forthcoming action:

“We applaud UFC President Dana White’s announcement that Michael Bisping will be disciplined for his unprofessional manner inside the cage at UFC 127. We (also) hope that the UFC also decides to take disciplinary action against Mr. Bisping for the illegal knee he threw at Jorge Rivera during the first round of their fight. The issue here is standards. As Jorge recovered from the illegal knee, Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg asked, “Does he get five minutes? Does he continue or what’s the norm here?” which underscores how there are no set standards in place for an illegal strike like this one. Jon Jones‘ only loss is due to a DQ from an illegal strike against Matt Hamill. Paul Daley delivered an illegal strike to Josh Koscheck after the bell and got sent out of the organization. Mr. Bisping should also be punished for his illegal strike. There has to be consistency and accountability or the sport will not evolve.”

When asked for his take on the situation in general Bisping apologized while crediting a series of hype-building videos from Rivera with making the match-up personal. However, he has remained firm in the illegal knee’s accidental nature and been dismissive of his phlegm’s direction.