With his 35th birthday approaching in the next few weeks, his last bout taking place more than six months ago, and no potential match-up rumored for the future it appears Kimbo Slice’s career as a fighter may be, in the words of the affable slugger, “done dada”. Though Slice had expressed interest in boxing shortly after receiving his release from the UFC last year, according to one of his confidants, he apparently left his training camp to film a movie and showed little interest in enduring the necessary wear and tear once he returned from the set.

News of Slice’s status was reported by MMAFighting where a report by Fight Opinion was also cited revealing that just because the former internet sensation doesn’t plan on testing his skills at the sweet science or in Mixed Martial Arts won’t mean fans have seen the last of him in a ring.

It seems the hard-hitting Floridian has been named as one of eight men competing in a tournament taking place on February 5 in a Japanese professional wrestling organization. Slice will face a former Sumo wrestler in opening round action at the event. Strikeforce heavyweight Josh Barnett is also listed in the field of “competitors”.

If Kimbo’s days as a legitimate fighter are indeed over he will retire from MMA with a 4-2 record including a win over Houston Alexander in the Octagon. He also holds victories, albeit in less-impressive fashion, over James Thompson and “Tank” Abbott.