Ultimate Fighting Championship rings in the New Year with the first major MMA event of 2011. Coming to live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, UFC presents UFC 125: Resolution. As always FiveOuncesOfPain.com will provide live results of all the action including a round by round recap of every televised fight.

The preliminary card is scheduled to get underway around 7:30 PM EST with the first bout of the night. Then at 9:00 PM EST, three preliminary fights will air live on ION TV for fans. Finally, the main card kicks off at 10:00 PM EST only on PPV.

UFC 125 is headlined by Frankie Edgar defending his UFC Lightweight Title against Gray Maynard in a rematch of their 2008 bout. The co-main event features two middleweights not afraid to slug it out as Chris Leben takes on Brian Stann. Also on the card is a lightweight showdown between the energetic Clay Guida and the heavy handed Takanori Gomi.

Here is a complete rundown of UFC 125 results as they unfold


Jacob Volkmann def. Antonio McKee via Split Decision
Daniels Roberts def. Greg Soto via Submission Round 1 (Kimura)
Diego Nunes def. Mike Brown via Split Decision


Phil Baroni vs. Brad Tavares

Round One: Tavares landed some good leg kicks early but then got dropped by a left hook by Baroni. Tavares managed to survive though and get back to his feet. Tavares tried to get a couple of takedown but Baroni stuffed them to come to a stalemate in the clinch. Baroni caught Tavares with a knee to the groin but Tavares shrugged it off and fought on. Tavares rocked Baroni with a head kick followed by a right hand late. Tavares then overwhelmed Baroni with strikes, forcing the ref to stop the right.

Result: Brad Tavares def. Phil Baroni by TKO Round 1 (Strikes)

Josh Grispi vs. Dustin Poirier

Round One: Poirier started strong with inside leg kicks and clipped Grispi a couple of times with punches. Grispi tried to clinch but Poirier landed some good knees in the clinch before they broke and Poirier continued to land excellent punches. Grispi tried a takedown but Poirier stuffed it and ended up on top before letting Grispi up. Poirier dropped Grispi with a front kick, let him up, and then battered him on the feet with a flurry of punches. Grispi covered well and then tried a weak takedown, which Poirier stuffed. Grispi pulled guard and went for a kimura but Poirier blocked it until the round ended. Dominant round for Poirier. 5OZ scores the round 10-8 for Poirier.

Round Two: Grispi shot in early and ate a big knee to the body and Poirier stuffed the takedown. On the clinch break, Poirier landed another big flurry of punches. Grispi survived again though and managed a takedown where he moved quickly to mount but was reversed over by Poirier. Grispi tried a couple of submissions off his back but Poirier stuffed them and let Grispi up. Poirier got the plum clinch on Grispi and landed a couple of knees before stuffing another takedown by Grispi. Grispi pulled guard again and went for a triangle but Poirier slammed his way out of it and let Poirier up. Poirier got the plum clinch again and landed more knees and elbows as the round ended. Another dominant round for Poirier. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Poirier.

Round Three: Grispi very tired to start this round. Poirier quickly went to the plum clinch to land knees. Grispi continued to try desperation takedowns but Poirier easily stuffed them. On the feet, Grispi just backed up, put his hands up, and allowed Poirier to grab the plum clinch. Grispi managed to catch a knee strike by Poirier and land a takedown. Grispi got to side control with just under a minute left in the round but Poirier got him back to guard and survived the rest of the round. Close round but Poirier did more damage, even if Grispi controlled things for awhile on the ground. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Poirier and the fight 30-26 for Poirier.

Result: Dustin Poirier def. Josh Grispi via Unanimous Decision

Marcus Davis vs. Jeremy Stephens

Round One: Both fighters trying to find their range early but Davis looks smoother on the feet. Stephens tried a couple of takedown attempts but Davis stuffed them. Davis ended up getting a trip takedown into half guard but Stephens got to his feet after taking minimal damage. Davis caught Stephens with a left hand that made Stephens do the chicken dance. Instead of pressuring him with punches, Davis clinched and tried for a takedown, which Stephens stuffed as the round ended. Easy round for Davis based on the control and rocking Stephens. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Davis.

Round Two: Stephens started to find his range a little better in this round, landing a good leg kick to try and slow Davis down. Both men tried to set up their power hands but neither could find the chin of their opponent. Stephens tried a takedown but Davis stuffed it and managed a takedown of his own. Stephens went for a kimura off his back but Davis was in side control, which didn’t allow Stephens to finish it. Stephens got Davis to full guard but lost the kimura. Stephens did well with elbows off his back as the round ended. Close round but a slight edge to Stephens, who was more active on the ground, despite being on bottom. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Stephens.

Round Three: Stephens tried to turn up the aggression this round but Davis moved away and countered well. Davis continued to tag Stephens with the left hand and Stephens was getting visibly frustrated. Stephens managed to catch Davis with a counter right hand that put Davis out cold. Stephens got one more shot in on the ground before the ref pushed him away.

Result: Jeremy Stephens def. Marcus Davis via KO Round 1 (Right Hook)


Clay Guida vs. Takanori Gomi

Round One: Both fighters in very low stances. Gomi keeping the distance with the jab. Guida landed a head kick, got his takedown stuffed, and then landed a combo on the way up. Guida got a deep single but Gomi stayed on his feet and spun away. Guida trying to land an overhand right but nowhere close with it. Gomi stuffing the takedowns of Guida. Guida landed another head kick and managed a takedown with just over 30 seconds left in the round. Guida held him down the rest of the round. Good round for Guida. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Guida.

Round Two: Gomi landed a short right early but Guida ate it. Gomi constantly switching his stances to give Guida some different looks. Gomi stuffed another takedown attempt from Guida before breaking away. Guida doing a lot of movement and Gomi trying to react to it. Gomi continues to peck away with the jab while Guida landed a couple of good punches of his own. Gomi landed a jumping knee but Guida ate it and got the takedown. Guida managed to get an arm in guillotine from half guard, roll to his back, and forced Gomi to tap out.

Result: Clay Guida def. Takanori Gomi via Submission Round 2 (Guillotine Choke)

Nate Diaz vs. Dong Hyun Kim

Round One: Both men landing leg kicks early. Kim got a takedown just over a minute into the round, postured to his feet, landed a good right hand, and then passed to half guard. Kim kept passing to better positions but Diaz regained guard every time. Kim good posture and submission defense on top while also landing some short punches and controlling Diaz. Kim got the back of Diaz but Diaz went for a heel hook to create a scramble and get up. Diaz landed a couple of good punches on the feet as the round ended. Good round for Kim on the ground. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Kim.

Round Two: It should be noted that every time someone landed a strike, the other one trash talked in that first round. Kim landed some good leg kicks but Diaz returned fire with punches. Diaz stuffed the first takedown attempt of Kim but couldn’t stuff the second one. Diaz active off his back with not only strikes but submission attempts. Diaz finally managed to get up but Kim immediately got the takedown. Diaz managed to reverse Kim and get his back but Kim escaped and got to his feet as the round ended. Another good round for Kim on the ground but it was much closer than the first. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Kim.

Round Three: Kim landed a good right hook a couple of times early in the round. Diaz managed to get Kim down and get his back but Kim bounced right back up. Kim went for a takedown but Diaz stuffed it and got a front head lock. Kim put his hand down as Diaz knee’d him but the hand came up just as the knee connected. The ref stopped the action and deemed it an illegal blow but didn’t take a point. Kim took a break but fought on. In a clinch, Kim went for a judo throw but Diaz slipped it and got the back but Kim reversed it, ended up on top, and got Diaz’ back. Diaz rolled for a leg but Kim escaped and got the back standing again. Kim went for another throw that Diaz slipped and landed a head kick. Diaz roughed him up in the clinch with punches and knees but the round ended. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Diaz but the fight 29-28 for Kim.

Result: Dong Hyun Kim def. Nate Diaz via Unanimous Decision

Brandon Vera vs. Thiago Silva

Round One: Early clinch with Vera throwing knees and Silva throwing punches. Silva got a takedown right into half guard just over a minute in the round. Silva landed some short shots and then passed to side control with just over two minutes left in the round. Silva roughed up Vera from side control with shorts elbows and punches. Silva went for a heel hook, didn’t get it, but stayed on top landing ground and pound as the round ended. Silva taunted Vera after the round and Vera got in his face before walking away. Good round for Silva. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Silva.

Round Two: Vera came out quickly with leg kicks and punches but Silva stood there and fired right back. Great exchange to start the round before they clinched and Silva got a trip takedown. Silva rained down some good ground and pound and got some better positions but didn’t land anything fight stopping threatening. Vera did nothing off his back though other than covering up. Dominating round for Silva. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Silva.

Round Three: Vera started strong again, tripping Silva down as he threw a kick and landing some good kicks of his own but Silva forced a clinch, got the back standing, and tripped Vera down. Silva landed some good short punches but Vera covered well. Silva got one hook in on the back and just started slapping Vera and patting him on the back while Vera did nothing but cover up. Silva continued to pound on Vera the rest of the round. Another dominant round for Silva. 5OZ scores the round 10-8 for Silva and the fight 30-26 for Silva.

Vera’s nose is badly broken.

Result: Thiago Silva def. Brandon Vera via Unanimous Decision

Chris Leben vs. Brian Stann

Round One: Stann moving well early and countering when Leben would throw a kick. They got into a dirty boxing brawl with Leben landing big uppercuts but Stann hanging tough and returning fire. Stann landed some big punches and dropped him with a right hand but Leben survived and got to his feet. Stann continued to pour it on him, dropped him with another right hand, Leben got up, got dropped with a knee, and Stann pounded on him on the ground until the ref finally stopped it.

Result: Brian Stann def. Chris Leben via TKO Round 1 (Strikes)

Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard

Round One: Edgar moving a lot early. Maynard caught Edgar with a left hook that dropped him. Edgar got up and tried to survive but Maynard pounced on him. Edgar dropped again and Maynard pounding away. Edgar somehow managed to survive but his nose got busted. Edgar got to his feet and away from Maynard but Maynard closed quickly and kept throwing. Maynard landed another left hook followed by a right but Edgar somehow got up again. More right hands by Maynard and still over a minute left. Edgar looks out on his feet but he’s still in it. Maynard continues to look for the left hand. Edgar somehow up and landing some punches of his own. Edgar survives the round. Amazing that Maynard couldn’t finish, what heart by Edgar. 5OZ scores the round 10-8 for Maynard.

Round Two: Edgar looks more or less recovered from that first round. Edgar getting in and out with his punches now and landing a right hand. Maynard trying to land that left hook again but it’s coming a little slower this round. Edgar landed a big right hand but Maynard took it flush. Maynard cut under the left eye. Edgar landed a big takedown but Maynard popped right back up. Edgar landing the right hand but Maynard is taking it. Edgar stuffed a late takedown attempt by Maynard and then landed some more right hands. Great bounce back round for Edgar. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Edgar.

Round Three: Edgar opening up with kicks in this round. Maynard trying to counter but not quite quick enough to catch up with Edgar, who continues to move in and out. Edgar continues to score with the right hand. Maynard went for a takedown but Edgar stuffed it. Maynard not looking for one big punch as much this round but he’s still having trouble with Edgar’s movement. Edgar continues to stuff the takedowns of Maynard. Maynard caught Edgar with a good body shot followed by a left hook and an uppercut. The blood flowing out of Edgar’s nose again. Maynard managed a takedown with just over 30 seconds left. Edgar went for a guillotine but the clock ran out. Close round but Maynard stole it at the very end with some good punches and the takedown. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Maynard.

Round Four: Edgar got a quick takedown and went for a guillotine as Maynard stood but Maynard fought out of it and ate some punches on the break. Edgar got another takedown but again Maynard quickly back up. Edgar continues to land the right hand. Edgar stuffing the takedowns of Maynard almost too easily. Maynard stuffed a takedown but Edgar landed some good punches as Maynard worked his way up. Edgar getting the better of things on the feet and really working his jab. Another good round for Edgar. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Edgar.

Round Five: Edgar working the jab early but Maynard staying in his face with a jab of his own. Edgar landing good combinations but Maynard came back with some power punches. Edgar stuffed a takedown and landed a knee. Maynard came back with a knee of his own after stuffing an Edgar takedown. Neither man getting the takedown and Edgar slightly winning the fight on the feet with two minutes left. Edgar still putting good combinations together. Maynard really looking for the late takedown but Edgar stuffs it. Edgar still landing the better punches. The fight ends with a big exchange where both men landed. Very close round but a slight edge to Edgar. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Edgar and the fight a 47-47 draw.

Result: Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard fight to a Split Draw. Edgar retains the UFC Lightweight Title.