Imagine the Empire State excluded from combat sports…

The greatest fight fans in these USA deprived of the opportunity to watch the most skilled and entertaining martial artists in the world compete in approved, supervised and medically-monitored contests.

It ain’t in your imagination, Jack, it’s the current reality imposed by John Law and his bureaucratic minions. Promoters with questionable monikers like, say, Peter Storm, put on fights in New York State, and they fly completely under the radar.

For Storm, getting caught handing a roll of bills over to a fighter on his card could currently set him back $10,000 and earn him nightmare trip the the labyrinthine state court system. Guys like Storm love the adrenaline that comes with the game at the pug level, so they takes their chances.

This is what it comes to in New York State. Fights put on in back-alley gyms and training centers, and it’s unlikely a doctor is within shouting distance. Most of the doctor types live on the Upper West Side and are already hard at work on plate of tapas and bottle of Chilean red when the fights take place.

And that’s a good thing?

I personally like the idea of sanctions, like these from Nevada:

NAC 467.568 Female unarmed combatants. (NRS 467.030)

1. A female unarmed combatant shall not engage in a contest or exhibition with a male unarmed combatant.
2. In addition to meeting such requirements of this chapter as are applicable to unarmed combatants generally, a female unarmed combatant shall:

(a) Use a mouthpiece that has been fitted for her mouth;

(b) Wear a breast protector as a binder;

(c) Have her hair secured in a manner that does not interfere with the vision or safety of either unarmed combatant;

(d) Use a minimum of cosmetics; and

(e) For each contest or exhibition in which she competes, have two uniforms in contrasting colors, with each uniform consisting of a body shirt, blouse and shorts.

3. Before each bout in which a female unarmed combatant is scheduled to compete, the female unarmed combatant shall provide to the Commission an original or certified copy of the result of a medical test taken not later than 1 week before the day of the bout which shows that the combatant is not pregnant. The Commission will not permit a female unarmed combatant to compete if she:

(a) Is determined to be pregnant; or
(b) Fails to comply with this subsection.

4. The promoters of a contest or exhibition between female unarmed combatants shall provide them with adequate separate dressing rooms.

5. The annual physical examination of a female unarmed combatant must include an examination of the pelvis, the abdomen and the breasts, and the notation of any masses.

[Athletic Comm’n, § 85 and female boxers, eff. 4-25-78]—(NAC A 12-13-82; 12-2-97; R083-00, 9-22-2000)

New York State should get right with the world and have sanctions live Nevada for fights that are going to happen with or out the state’s imprimatur.  But fear not, there are people out there working like rented mules to bring the sport to their home state.

One of my personal favorites, a guy who bills himself as KahlOne (AKA Kahleem Poole Tejada), not only pushes the agenda, he makes makes  a little art along the way. His brand of video journalism is an example of the best of the best stuff.

New York MMA is a web docu series dedicated to educating and giving exposure to the schools, gyms and teachers who make up the DNA of martial arts within New York State.

The purpose is to introduce the culture at its very core in a way where everyone can understand the competitors and the threads that make up the sport. This journey will take us to various camps and competitions throughout New York City and New York State. In addition, it will begin to touch on the points of why the legalization of the sport continues to be stifled and the reasoning behind it.

Filmed, Directed and Edited by- Kahleem Poole Tejada
Music by- Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society

CHAPTER 1- Ultimate Gym New York

Kru Nestor Marte
Manuel Zelaya
Zadie Morris
Eppei Taniyama
Manuel Casias

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