UFC President Dana White has some, um, opinions when it comes to who’s the best pound-for-pound fighter in MMA. After spending a few moments slamming the media for anointing Jose Aldo as the best in the game, White went on to support his argument with what can only be called a Box Office Defense.

White, who’s spent the last few months dogging Anderson Silva for failing to deliver exciting fights for the fans, is now attacking those same “fanboys” for hopping off the Silva bandwagon when it comes to selecting their top P4P choice.

“Are you f***king nuts? Potential future pound-for-pound king? Anderson Silva hasn’t lost since 2006. He’s never lost in the UFC.” White said. “Anderson Silva is a pain in my ass. This isn’t Chuck Liddell, we aren’t best friends. But you can’t deny what the man has done.”

White went on to defend Silva’s record in the strongest terms while simultaneously baiting the very media that line his pockets. Not content to stop there, White offered his own list for consideration, and you may well be stunned at the fighters who made – and didn’t make – the Dana White Hot List.

“You media geeks need to learn the fight biz,” White said. “I’m at dinner right now, but you’re really pissing me off. Silva hasn’t lost in the UFC. The guy has not only cleared out his division, he’s gone up to 205 and beaten a guy like Forrest Griffin, who beat Rampage Jackson and Shogun Rua. Frankie Edgar is right there too. I might actually put him at No. 2. This guy is for real. He beat BJ Penn twice, and kicked his ass in their last fight,” White said. “I love and respect Manny Gamburyan, but he’s no BJ Penn. And the only thing keeping St. Pierre out of the Top 3 is a loss to Matt Serra.”

GSP is off the list? What, no Brock Lesnar man-love?

One question for the Majordomo; what happened to Benson Henderson in all this ranting? A couple of months ago, White was castigating the media for not installing Henderson in the top ten (a placement which would be hard to argue against) while at the same moment calling such lists irrelevant.

I suppose White can be forgiven for getting hacked. Chicken a la King demands a man’s full attention to be fully and completely savored…