When you come from a home ripped asunder by alcoholism and domestic violence, a home where your parent’s marriage exploded into horror, the experience points out the future direction of your life like the needle on a compass.

After seeing what domestic strife can do to those he loved, a then 14-year-old José Aldo vowed never to drink or hurt his wife.

A few years later, Aldo was making his way in a new world when he met an older girl named Vivianne at a gym in Rio, and she and her family took Jose in once the couple were married.

FIGHT! Life followed the WEC featherweight champ and 2009 FIGHT! Magazine Fighter of the Year for this series which reveals a positive spin on a life which started at the very bottom.  The secret? Aldo’s young bride may well be the fuel which drove the  meteoric rise of the WEC superstar from the streets of Manaus to the favelas of Rio to the top of the MMA universe.

Aldo defends his featherweight title tonight against challenger Manny Gamburyan.

Produced and directed by Matthew Ross. Camera: Rick Lee, Michael Mardonez, Randy Ward. Edit: Ashley Cahill and Ryan Jackson-Healy.

WEC 51

Broomfield, Colorado

Versus Network starting at 9:00 PM EST

WEC 51 weigh-in results:

  • Nick Pace (135 lbs) vs. Demetrious Johnson (135 lbs)
  • Chad George (135 lbs) vs. Antonio Banuelos (136 lbs)
  • Diego Nunes (145 lbs) vs. Tyler Toner (145 lbs)
  • Cole Province (146 lbs) vs. Mike Brown (145 lbs)
  • Pablo Garza (154 lbs) vs. Tiequan Zhang (154 lbs)
  • Ed Ratcliff (155 lbs) vs. Chris Horodecki (155 lbs)
  • Mark Hominick (145 lbs) vs. Leonard Garcia (146 lbs)
  • George Roop (145 lbs) vs. Chan Sung Jung (146 lbs)
  • Charlie Valencia (136 lbs) vs. Miguel Torres (136 lbs)
  • Donald Cerrone (155.5 lbs) vs. Jamie Varner (156 lbs)
  • Manny Gamburyan (145 lbs) vs. Jose Aldo (145 lbs)