Firing your agent (Malki Kawa) on television is a bit of a PR misstep, granted, but Matt “Meathead” Mitrione has come into his own as a fighter as witnessed by his well-rounded performance against Joey Beltran at UFC 119 over the weekend.

“He’s a great guy,” Kawa said. “He just doesn’t understand how it should get done, and I didn’t get the chance to sit down and operate with him the way I normally would with anybody else.”

Mitrione said essentially that Kawa was canned for coming up short in sponsorship deals for UFC 119, but it sounds like the real reason was more likely friction between Kawa and Mitrione’s wife.

“We were asking him, ‘Who did you get? Who do I need to get on my shorts?'” Mitrione said. “The answers I get are, ‘Your wife’s bothering me about stuff that’s not her business.’ Really? My wife? It’s not her business about my money? He was out of line in a lot of ways.”

Lesson learned? You don’t mess with the wife or the girlfriend of your fighter and stay on the gravy train.

Kawa is hardly looking for work, though, as he represents comer Jon “Bones” Jones, Thiago Alves and Carlos Condit, among others.