Bas Rutten may be a former UFC heavyweight champ and multi-time “King of Pancrase”, but to a newer generation of fans he is one of the primary voices of Mixed Martial Arts based on his ringside commentary work and insightful, playful antics as a co-host on HDNet’s popular “Inside MMA” series.

“El Guapo”, who is as opinionated as he is colorful, wore both the hat of experience and as tribune of the sport when he took Twitter on Tuesday to offer up his thoughts on the use of performance enhancing drugs in MMA.

“I am just blown away with who gets caught. What happened to good food, water and some supplements? That’s what I did, and I never had a problem with people being stronger or in better shape.

Listen, if you had shoulder surgery, or whatever surgery, and the doc tells you that you will heal faster, do it, but then do NOT fight! This is giving the sport a bad name, everything (MMA does) is already “frowned upon” like masturbating in an airplane.

Sorry, had to do that…was writing and thought about ‘The Hangover’. But seriously, it’s very sad, and you do NOT need (steroids). If you can’t train had anymore because you are getting up there in age, then don’t fight – very simple.

I could never look at myself in the mirror if I would have cheated – never – and don’t give me the BS excuse “but everybody is doing it”. Yeah, lots of people don’t use their freaking turn signal. That doesn’t mean that I also simply not gonna do it. I use this example because those people stress me out…just don’t care about anybody else but their selves. And that’s the same as using PED’s. Don’t care about our sport getting a bad name, ‘as long as I get better’.”

Rutten was 28-4-1 in his MMA career and 21-0-1 over his last twenty-two match-ups before to officially retiring from the sport in 2006 (though he actually hadn’t fought since the late 1990s prior to his final bout). He holds notable wins in the past over Kevin Randleman, Frank Shamrock, and Guy Mezger.