You can officially add Dana White to the growing contingent of people ready for American Top Team’s Thiago Alves to either permanently slim down or move to the middleweight division. Alves was over the welterweight limit by a half-pound against opponent Jon Fitch at last weekend’s UFC 117 and has missed the official mark twice now in his UFC career.

White addressed the Brazilian’s most recent transgression at the post-event press conference, saying, “He looked lethargic tonight. He looked slow. He doesn’t belong at 170. He belongs at 185 pounds…It’s bullsh*t to have guys make weight and have guys not make weight, especially at this level…When you’re in the UFC, your job is to make weight…”

Continued White, “Could (Alves) have cut that half a pound? Maybe he couldn’t have. Maybe he cut so much weight that mentally, it would have broke him to go cut that last half a pound and that’s bullsh*t…I guarantee he can make 185 and he’ll never have a problem at it.”

However, though the UFC President made his viewpoint clear, he also stated Alves doesn’t apparently share it with him. During the same line of questioning, White mentioned an exchange of text messages with “Pitbull” coming shortly after the fight who essentially said he wanted to remain at 170-pounds regardless of his performance and issues cutting weight.