It’s not uncommon for brawls to break out when the alcohol and testosterone come together outside your average club/bar. However, it is unique when one involves a former UFC fighter, as are the overall circumstances surrounding an ugly incident caught on tape this past weekend in Austin, Texas.

TMZ Sports broke word earlier today that 21-4 Bellator lightweight Roger Huerta, who lives in Austin, was involved in a violent physical altercation outside a local club after witnessing a man violently strike a woman in the face, knocking her to the pavement.

Huerta, who has spoken in the past about abuse he suffered as a child, as well as how protective he is towards the fairer sex, is shown to confront the individual shortly after he punches the female.

The two can be seen on tape squaring up to fight, then are consumed by a crowd which later opens up to someone stomping the downed man in the face. The man is later seen getting up with the assistance of his friends with Huerta nowhere in sight.

According to TMZ, the Austin Police Department said officers were called to the scene but no arrests were issued.