Ever been kicked in the crotch? Were you able to go right back to what you were doing; not right away. So why does the MMA world think that a fighter can return to his normal form after 5 minutes or less?

There has to be some type of repercussion for repeatedly thumping another fighter’s man-region. Something has to be done to even the fight after an illegal low-blow.

My solution, three shots to a fighter’s tea bag and the fight is over.

The idea is simple. After the first shot to the jewels the referee will officially warn the fighter. After the second blast, the fighter will have a point deducted. Immediately after a third smack to the gonads, the fight is over…disqualification!

No man is the same after being annihilated 3 times in the trinkets in a 15 minute period. I know that if I took three kicks or three knees to the stones I wouldn’t be able to walk the dog, or even talk on the phone, let alone fight another man. Don’t get me wrong, I would want to attack the assailant, but that would be out of rage and maybe some embarrassment. You’re just not the same after your boys have been bumped.

Some may argue that if a fighter was warned or lost a point, he’s forced to abandon low kicks and/or knees. He becomes more cautious and maybe even changes his game plan. That’s the point! If a fighter is warned and or is deducted a point, it wasn’t arbitrary; he broke the rules and is penalized for it. It is just like any other sport. For example, if a basketball player gets a technical foul for committing a hard foul against an opposing player, he cannot commit another hard foul for the remainder of the game or he will receive another technical foul and be ejected. He must now abandon his aggressive defense, be cautious and alter his game plan. Two strikes and you’re out in the NBA.

The current state of MMA allows a fighter to mash another fighter’s nards with no recourse. How long will it be before some low-class fighter actually uses a testicle punt to equalize a fight?

“If I get in trouble, I’ll knee him in the nuts, say I’m sorry as he hunches over, wait a few minutes ‘til he’s ready to fight again, and then we’ll fist pound. He won’t be as good as he was when the fight started. That’s my game plan.”

Conversely, if referees are not willing to take swift action on low-blows, there will be a trend in fighters not being able to continue after their allotted 5 minutes. For example, at WEC 49 had Jamie Varner said he could not continue after any of the three illegal low-blows he suffered, he would be twice as rich. Kamal Shalorus would have been DQ’d, therefore Varner would have taken home the win bonus along with his show money. Furthermore, the judging has been baffling at times. Continuing to fight after a low blow has proven to be costly. Here’s a general scenario. A fighter gets clobbered in the berries; the ref does nothing; the fighter is a warrior so he fights on, but not to his full capability, thus his performance is sub-par; so at the end of three rounds he loses a decision. Given that scenario, who would continue to fight after a low-blow?

While there is no way to ensure that a fighter will not swat his opponent in the junk, there needs to be some written or unwritten rules that referees utilize to ensure that groin shots do not change the outcome of fights, or worse cause permanent damage to a fighter. Currently, fighters are only protected from being “Joe Son’d” (if you don’t get the Joe Son example, watch UFC 4). Three low blows in a fight should be the maximum.