After posting the 20th stoppage in his legendary career, Mirko “CroCop” Filipovic said he held back in his fight against Anthony Perosh at UFC 110. In a interview given to a Croatian television station, upon his return to his homeland, Filipovic stated he relented in his attack out of consideration for Perosh.

“I admire Perosh for accepting the fight,” said Cro Cop to Fighters Only Magazine. “There were much better fighters there who turned it down but I understand why; they did not have time to prepare. I am very sorry that I had to hurt Perosh. I tried to fight with as much consideration for him as I could. I even avoided the ground because I am 7, 8 kilos heavier than he is.”

During the fight it was evident Cro Cop was tentative in going in for the kill after he opened up a cut on Perosh from a huge elbow, a stark contrast from one of the best finishers in MMA.

Mirko also commented on UFC President Dana White’s post fight questions on why the Croatian didn’t finish off Perosh, “I just couldn’t do that to him when he was so bloody,” he said.

However, good news has struck for Anthony Perosh. Reports are that Australian fighter, who took the fight on two days notice, has been offered a four-fight contract for accepting the fight against Filipovic.