A grand new year is upon us MMA fans, and it’s time to look forward to the next 12 months.  Over the past year we’ve seen the sport continue to grow.  Coverage has been better than ever, the organizations have done their part and provided fans with excellent cards, and we are seeing top level athletes make the move to Mixed Martial Arts earlier and earlier.

With all the success and growth, there are still those things I would love to see change in the upcoming year.  This is my 2010 wish list for the sport.  When putting it together I wanted to be careful and try and limit my list to things that are realistic.   While I have included only 5 on my list, feel free to list yours below  I’d love to read them.

A Strikeforce 2010 schedule with fighters that extends farther than 1 week prior to an event.

Let me start off by saying  I really like STRIKEFORCE.  They are hard not to like,  great cards, affordable to watch.  But for the love of god, you are hurting yourself,  your fans,  your media outlets that would like to cover your events, and most of all your fighters.

Can someone please give me a full fight card for January 30th Miami card?   Let me save you the trouble, no one can.

From Strikeforce.com


We are officially 3 and a half weeks out.  I would love nothing more than to interview the guy fighting Lashley,  or  Walker.  I’m sure the people who you are depending on to purchase tickets might like to know who they will see fight.  I’m pretty certain it might benefit  Lashley, Walker, and your TBD  undercard to have an idea of who they are going to fight.

It’s been reported by Scott Coker you have 20 events coming up this year, with only 2 fights confirmed things appear off to a slow start.

I don’t think I’m asking for a lot here.   I wish Strikeforce would give us a 60 day schedule.

Stop interviewing the losing fighter in the cage.

Nothing good comes from this.   What can you ask a fighter who just lost?  What happened? There is only two ways for the interview to go.   A list of excuses that no one wants to hear  or a “ He was the better man tonight.”  Speech which is better suited for the post fight presser.

I’m tired of the excuses, and I certainly don’t want to hear them immediately after the fight.  When  Fighter A  tells me he entered the fight with a bad back, neck, sprained ankle,  the flu, a feaver, a hangnail ect…..  The only thing that goes through my mind  is  “ I just paid 50 bucks to watch Fighter A  fight at 50 percent”  Stop interviewing the losing fighter in the cage.

Stop saying you are willing to Die in the cage

You’re not, and if you are you should have failed your pre fight medical.   The sport is growing and would like to continue to do so.   Many people watch the events with their children.   There is a  big difference between “ I’ll always fight for my fans and I’ll never give up”  and  “ I fight for my fans and I’m willing to die in the cage.”   One is inspirational  the other a sign of mental illness. Stop saying you are willing to Die in the cage.

Team mates need to fight each other.

I appreciate and respect organizations and the match makers who do their best to be sensitive to fight camps and team mates.  With that said, there are cases where training partners need to return the favor and do themselves a favor in the process.   The first thing that comes to mind is the UFC’s welterweight division and the guys from AKA.    With 3 fighters in the top 6 of the division and 2 in the top 3, nothing good is coming of training partners not fighting.

Guys like Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck can continue to avoid fighting, but they are going to hurt themselves.   Everybody who follows the sport knows that things happen in the sport, and the more frequently you fight, the better your chance of losing.    I like Paulo Thiago, but at UFC 95 when he defeated Koscheck, it was a no win situation for Koscheck.   A win would have meant nothing. ( at the time) and the loss really hurt.   And Fitch is no better, how many Mike Pierce’s  can Fitch fight before he gets “got” ?

These two fighters are not alone, they are just the most visible current example.  I wish we would see  Fitch vs. Koscheck in 2010

I wish we could have a  NYE show in 2010 held in NYC.

OK, I know I said I wanted to stay realistic,  so we will call this one a long shot.  Nothing would make me happier than for an American company to hold a NYE show to close out the year.    2010  NYE show at Madison Square Garden?   I know there is a long way to go,  we need the sport regulated in New York, and a company to reserve the venue.

I wish for a NYE  show in NYC to close out 2010.

There you have it, my humble list of wishes.  What realistic wish do you have for the sport?

Network TV deal?

Co-Promotion?     List your wish below.