Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Gegard Mousasi recently spoke with the Japanese press about his upcoming fight against Gary Goodridge.  When questioned about his training leading up to the fight, Mousasi was very candid in saying that it was “Not good.”  Mousasi went on to explain that leading up to the event, he was unsure if the fight would be contested under K-1 kickboxing or MMA rules.

Furthermore, when asked if it was difficult to keep his motivation high for this event and fight, Mousasi told reporters that “yes” it was very “difficult” to stay motivated.

While fighting an opponent on the level of Gary Goodridge may seem harmless enough for the young champion, one has to wonder if entering into a fight with poor training and little motivation is the best career path.  A win over Gary Goodridge does little to help Mousasi, while a loss or less than impressive performance can only do harm.