danaWhile Dana White has already made his plans to cut Houston Alexander public, the UFC President recently went a step further in a recent interview with MMAFanhouse, stating that whoever came up with the battle plan for the normally exciting to watch light heavyweight should be treated to a one sided game of roshambo.

“Whoever came up with Houston Alexander’s game plan ought to be kicked in the nuts for about five minutes,” said Dana. “I don’t know if his coaches came up with that or whatever but not only did they give him the wrong game plan, they completely destroyed everything about Houston Alexander.”

Houston seemed unwilling to engage Kimbo Slice during the TUF 10 Finale in a bout that many expected to be a short-lived war. Unfortunately for the fans along with Alexander’s future competing in the UFC, nothing could have been further from the truth as the two “knockout artists” stared at each other for the majority of the bout, with brief spurts of actual fighting.

“I don’t know if Kalib Starnes trained him for that fight or what the deal was but it was horrible,” said White. “Horrible.”