UFC 107Diego Sanchez may be the challenger going into this weekends lightweight championship clash against B.J. Penn at UFC 107, but judging from The Nightmare’s recent statements during the UFC 107 Countdown Show, he wouldn’t know it.

According to Diego, he’s already the champion; This fight is just a formality for the San Diego based fighter.

“From the moment I stepped down to 155, I knew in my heart that I was the best 155 pounder in the world,” said Sanchez during the recent Spike TV broadcast.

“I’m here to claim what’s mine. It’s my time now.”

However, in true Diego Sanchez fashion the subject of who the best in the division truly is was left up in the air after the former Ultimate Fighter seemed to contradict himself with another statement when he said, “I know he’s the best in the world at 155, and if you truly ask B.J. Penn who the best in the world at 155 is besides himself, he’s going to say Diego Sanchez.”

So who’s the best at 155 pounds? We’ll find out on Saturday night, no doubt about that. But don’t let who Diego considers to be the best lightweight in the game confuse you; According to Sanchez, he’s got B.J. all figured out.

“What’s B.J.’s biggest weakness? It’s his conditioning,” said Sanchez. “Now you know you’re fighting a guy with a never ending gas tank.

“I’m going to come forward, I’m going to cut the ring off, and I’m going to scrap. So I have a challenge for you B.J.; Don’t run. Let’s get it.”