Cheick KongoJust a few days shy of his UFC 107 showdown with heavyweight knockout artist Cheick Kongo, former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir could be breaking one of the essential rules of combat: Never look past your opponent.

It seems as if Mir has tunnel vision, and instead of his focus being centered around the 6’4″, 230+ pound task in front of him, the Las Vegas based submission artist can’t shake the mental image of a certain gorilla proportioned man-beast that recently taught Mir a brutal lesson in humility.

While the recent UFC Countdown Show was meant to promote his upcoming fight with Kongo, Mir just couldn’t seem to keep UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar‘s name out of his mouth. A large portion of Mir’s segment was focused around the fourteen-time Octagon veteran’s effort to gain size and power to compete with….. you guessed it; the same guy that transformed his face into ground hamburger just five months ago.

“I’ve never hated a human being as much as I hate [Brock],” said Mir during the countdown show that aired on Spike TV. “It’s never driven me to the points of insanity that it has driven me to now. I want to rip Cheick Kongo’s arm off and make a statement, and it’s just because I want to scare the s*** out of Brock. I want him to know that he will never be the same human being after I get out of that cage with him. I will detrimentally affect his physical life forever and scar him on a mental level. He drives me in a way that I’ve never felt driven before.

“My long term goal is Brock Lesnar’s demise. My short term goal is to give Cheick Kongo his walking papers and finish this for good. Cheick Kongo’s standing in the way of that dream.”

While it’s never a bad thing to possess the burning desire to right a wrong, looking past a monster like Kongo would be the most costly mistake Frank has ever made.

Let’s not forget for one second what the antidote to Mir’s poison has been since his beating suffered at the hands of Ian Freeman way back in 2002: Good old fashioned ground and pound. A department the soft spoken Kongo has a recent history of success in.