tuf 10Formerly undefeated light heavyweight Jon “Bones” Jones earned his first professional defeat this evening in a bout with Matt Hamill that many observers firmly believed he had in the bag.

The two faced off during The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale that took place from The Pearl at the Palms in Las Vegas.

After scoring a takedown on the decorated collegiate wrestler midway through the first round, Jones was able to basically have his way with Hamill, brutalizing the more experienced Octagon veteran with a series of vicious elbows and punches from the mount position.

Eventually Jones wound up throwing two distinct downward elbow strikes that forced a halt in the action. After a point had been instantly deducted from the twenty-two year old rising star for the infraction it was ruled that Hamill was in no condition to continue. When the smoke had a chance to clear it was Hamill’s hand that was ultimately raised in victory after a disqualification ruling in his favor was handed down.

Whether it had to do with Hamill’s ultimate decision that he could not continue or not is speculation at this point, but Hamill complained of an inability to move his left arm at the duration of the bout above any perceived injuries from the fight-ending foul.

Jones seemed to take the ruling with a grain of salt, stating, “I’m just grateful for being healthy and everything else. Everything happens for a reason.”