brock_lesnar_wins_ufc_titleWhen UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar was forced to pull out of his anticipated UFC 106 clash with Shane Carwin due to what was perceived as a bad case of mononucleosis at the time, most had little doubt that the hulking goliath of a top level athlete would be able to bounce right back from the somewhat common infection.

Unfortunately the news has continued to look more and more grim for the former collegiate and professional wrestling superstar, with what was initially reported as mono rapidly transforming to a nasty intestinal infection that could likely have the man many felt was the future of the heavyweight division forced to the sidelines for an indefinite amount of time.

With Brock being as private a man as he is by nature combined with the sheer magnitude of the possible impact of Lesnar’s retirement from the sport has led to a situation where the facts regarding his current status have been far and in between. It has gone fro a likely six month return from one source, to Dana openly speculating as to whether Lesnar will ever step foot inside of the Octagon fencing once again.

The latest update on the condition of the the UFC’s heavyweight king comes courtesy of UFC President Dana White just hours ago via his Twitter account, and it’s not sounding very optimistic:

Tons of people keep asking me about brock. He is still VERY sick. We are unsure about his future.

Stay tuned to 5 Oz. as we continue to keep you up to date with any news regarding Lesnar’s condition and possible return to the UFC.