Josh KoscheckLove him or hate him, there is no doubt Josh Koscheck has proven himself inside of the Octagon. Coming off a win over the always dangerous Anthony Johnson at UFC 106 this past Saturday evening, Koscheck unleashed his emotions in a post fight rant, claiming he was the true #1 contender.

In the fallout from UFC 106 Kos has had numerous accusations thrown his way about the “illegal” knee strike to the face by Johnson.Even “Rumble” himself has gone on record to accuse Koscheck of using the time to recoup from being hurt during the first round.

Koscheck has recently made use of his Twitter account to comment on the situation, stating:

U haters can suck my d***! Haha love this Twitter sh*t talking. A faker never gets up and doesn’t fight after that a eye poker…

I know what’s up 2 the real motherf****** out there true KOS fans! 1st off it was a eye poke on the ground not the knee

But what the f*ck do I care!!! 140k in fight of the night and tapout of the night!! so keep hate’n.

With Dan Hardy being next in line for champion Georges St. Pierre, its unclear who will be next for Josh Koscheck, but the controversial fighter doesn’t care, he is willing to fight anyone, and wants to stay tenaciously active while doing so:

Looks like hardy vs GSP is a done deal! Gay if u ask me but my goal now is to fight any 1 who steps up to fight!! Maybe 12 fights n 2010?