6268-danhardy_ufcNever one for a loss of words on the subjects that matter, UFC welterweight title challenger Dan Hardy recently had an interesting perspective on Josh Koscheck‘s career in the UFC on the heels of some disparaging remarks hurled in The Outlaw’s direction during UFC 106.

“I know there’s somebody here that thinks he’s the number one contender. He thinks he’s the number one contender, and I don’t think he’s fought anybody, and he’s sitting right over there and his name is Dan Hardy,” exclaimed Koscheck following his submission victory over Anthony Johnson this past Saturday. “He hasn’t fought anyone like me, guaranteed. I’m the number one contender in this weight division.”

In a conversation with our friends over at Fight! Magazine, Hardy compared Koscheck’s career in the UFC to….. I’ll allow Dan to explain.

“The thing I’ve realized about Josh Koscheck is that he’s kind of like a turd that won’t flush away,” said Hardy. “He kind of wins a fight, and you think he’s doing alright. Then he loses a fight and you think he’s done, and then he wins a fight. He’s always kind of floating around and he never really does anything.

“He thinks he deserves a shot as GSP but I think he’s 3-2 in his last five fights, so he’s not really in a position to be calling for a title shot.

“The guy’s just a bit of a dick. I never get bored watching hm get punched in the face though, so that’s always a bonus to see him keep fighting.”

When asked if he would be confident if a fight between himself and Koscheck should come up at some point in the future, Hardy explained, “Yeah, I’m very confident. I’m confident I’d be able to do pretty much what I like in that fight and he still wouldn’t be able to win.”

It seems inevitable that these two will settle their differences the old fashioned way, but for now Hardy has bigger fish to fry.