Mike WesselHello everyone,

Well this weeks show is based around Matt again.  Matt clearly didn’t want to fight and he even says that in his confessional. He talks about being done with the drama and wanting to be done with the show and going home. What’s funny to me is that Matt caused the drama he is dealing with. He is the only reason we have to watch or deal with any of this shit. But, Dana comes in and gives his yearly speech about being a fighter. It is funny because he basically tells Matt to stop being a pussy and fight or someone else will. I know that after that speech I chased after Dana to tell him that I wanted back in if possible.

The show also shows how Kimbo will be in line for the spot to fight if it opens. However, Kimbo knows he will have to fight James and he did not want that fight. Almost every athlete has the same knee conditions that Kimbo has with his knee but I think when it came down to it Kimbo and his “done DADA” hands were looking for reason that he would not be able to fight James. I feel that if it goes down the one that deserves to fight was Scott. Scott was ready to fight even though he was still beat up from the last fight. Scott is a true fighter and didn’t care about his injuries he just wanted to fight so there should have not been any talk about Kimbo and Matt injuries. But, drama sells so they have to show why they would not fight if it came to it.

The coaches’ challenge was great. Rampage lost again and I relish in any time that he loses. I received an extra 1500 and so I was happy about that. But, if rampage wanted to be stand up guy after he talked about his money he would have helped his team out and gave him some from his pocket. Instead he asks if they would rather have money or see him KO Rashad and believe me they wanted the money. They didn’t give a shit about Rampage Ko’ing Rashad. They wanted the money.

The fight between John and Brendon was typical boxer vs. wrestler match-up. Brendon was tentative about over extending himself and showed his experience in how to avoid and even after being taken down his patience for his game plan.  Yes, John took him down but didn’t really do anything to him so to me the first round was a draw or slight advantage to John only because of the takedowns. John is a great wrestler but is very one dimensional and he shows that even taking him down that he don’t have much after that but to lay and pray.

Round 2 began with the same as the first but Brendon was patient and John was beginning to gas. Brendon does a great job of defending the take down and making John work harder than he had to work. John’s stamina plays a big role because he has to work so hard for the take down. In the end John relaxes and Brendon catches him and knocks John out. Brendon did a great job of taking advantage of his open opportunities when he saw them. I feel Brendon showed great experience for a fighter that has not had that many fights under his belt.

Next week is a double fight episode and we find out who fights James. I will same that these next to fights are some good fights and were exciting to watch.