RampageWhat in the world is going on with Quinton Jackson lately? Is Rampage having an energy drink relapse or something?

From his withdrawal from his highly anticipated grudge match with Rashad Evans at UFC 107 to take part in the upcoming A-Team feature film, to his shockingly selfish behavior as a “coach” on the tenth season of The Ultimate Fighter, to recently bad mouthing the UFC with every opportunity; It seems like Jackson is truly climbing up the walls as of late.

Quite frankly, the “everyone else is fake and nobody understands me” shtick is getting as old as Quinton’s horrendously repetitive “stank breath” jokes.

What happened to the Rampage us “hardcores” came to know and love back in the days. That quirky, chain wearing, werewolf howling and fun loving brawler that seemed like he was just one of us. The guy that appeared to be one of the coolest and down to earth fighters you would have ever come across?

Did the beatings Rampage took at the hands of Wanderlei Silva during the PRIDE days have had that significant of an impact on the wiring of his brain that something could have, perhaps…. been knocked loose?

Lets not forget that Rampage’s spiritual rebirth followed immediately after his first brutal dismantlement at the hands of “The Axe Murderer”.

In Jackson’s most recent blog post on his official website the former champion had this to say:

I was watching the fight this weekend with the director of the A Team movie, the movie crew & a couple of actors & I never been ashamed to be a part of MMA till now… The UFC looked like assholes this weekend. The main event was boring. I anticipated that because let’s be real. Machida is a boring fighter. But Shogun getting robbed like that was pretty cut throat. Then you hear Joe Rogan say you “you have to beat the champ to be a champ.” & that made me think the UFC are full of shit! Not to be whiny here but I still don’t feel like I’ve been beat in the UFC.. but I’m not champ anymore. If the UFC gives Shogun an immediate rematch because of the controversial loss then that would validate everything I have said about the UFC in my recent posts & why I’m pissed at the UFC. But yet he deserves one & so have I deserved one against Forrest.

The UFC looked like “a*******”? The UFC is “full of s***”? Really? Lets not forget this is the same UFC that bailed Quinton out of jail following his recent rampage through California. The same UFC that made sure he found a safe home in the UK where he could clear his head from the drama surrounding him in the states, and more importantly to protect Jackson from himself as far as the press was concerned.

As far as complaining about deserving an immediate rematch against Griffin goes: Most people had Forrest winning that fight. That’s just the fact of the matter. In direct contrast, it seems as though the majority of fans and experts watching the Machida/Rua bout came away with Shogun as the victor.

The reason why I was ashamed of the UFC is because some people around me were saying that the UFC is becoming corrupt like boxing & asked me is that stuff real? Most of the people from the A Team movie were just watching it because I was watching it & they don’t know much about MMA & were starting to get into it but last night they didn’t have anything good to say about my sport. So I was so ashamed.

So let me get this straight: If some randoms that had obviously never seen mixed martial arts before begin to badmouth this great sport we have come to understand and love, we’re supposed to just tuck? Agree with them? Bow our heads in shame?

I beg to differ. I’ve heard it all before, that stuff is fake, it’s brutal, it’s barbaric, it’s corrupt, and on and on. This is where I, as an avid follower and supporter of the sport, take it upon myself to clarify a number of preconceived misconceptions about MMA still held by some of those we haven’t broken through to yet. The last thing I would do would be to change my position on a sport I have come to represent as a person.

After going on a little rant about how Machida’s performance somehow translated into his arch-nemesis Rashad Evans being made into an even bigger b**** than ever before, Rampage goes on to endlessly complain about how he was edited during this season of The Ultimate Fighter. Like some type of movie magic caused Rampage to be absent from the Octagon with his fighters after they had suffered defeat.

No wonder TUF is editing Rahsad to try to make him look good cause they need all their fighters to sell tickets. They never should have tried to make me look bad cause I’m the wrong person to pull that type of crap with. Cause I don’t give a fuck about the TUF show or about the UFC. There’s not another fighter on this planet that can do what I do & they know it. I don’t need them… All they did was fucken piss me off. & any fighter on my team who says they lost a fight because of my coaching can fucken kiss my ass & say that shit to my face.

I’m sorry, but say it to your face? Really Rampage? And then what? You’re going to kick their ass right? Take it to the street? Murk them?

I for one am sick and tired of bullies masquerading as professional athletes constantly falling back on the, “Say it to my face” routine.

Reality check: We live in a society with police officers, courts, lawsuits and prisons.

When is being considered a tough guy no longer that important. I’d say the point when you’re dealing with a seven figure bank roll would be as good a place as any to start.

Jackson goes on to state that this will be the final time slinging mud at the television show that surely made his B.A. Baracus candidacy a lot more logical for those involved in the casting department.

This is my last time blogging about this damn TUF show. Just because I don’t go into the cage when a fighter loses & cry all over him & hug on him makes me a bad person? I have many reasons why I don’t go into the cage cause when I’m pissed I make bad decisions.

A bad person; absolutely not. A bad coach; definitely.

With his biggest wins to date in the Octagon coming over fighters nobody is considering as title contenders, hopefully Jackson can slice himself off a hunk of that humble pie and get back to doing what he does best in the near future: Fighting, not talking.