kimboNow that the dust has settled and the highly anticipated debut of Kimbo Slice on The Ultimate Fighter has been completed, I’m asking myself, why was I so hyped to see this fight?

I knew deep down Kimbo didn’t have a chance to win his fight against a seasoned veteran like Roy Nelson, but I found myself rooting for him none the less.

You see although Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson, is not quite a mixed martial artist, he is a fighter that has what very few ever achieve. He has the ability to evoke emotion within the MMA community and beyond.

Very few fighters in this young sport of ours have had the ability to create so much hype and buzz as a Kimbo Slice. The newly found viewers for this seasons TUF can be directly attributed to Kimbo’s involvement alone, and now that he has fought and lost, will probably lose interest in the shows remainder. However the ratings alone, will dictate at least a few appearances by Kimbo in pay-per-views events in the future. (Rumored to be UFC 107 in December)

And why not? At the age of 35, he may not become anything more than a spectacle, but he’s a spectacle people will continue to watch. If he puts in much needed work and shows halfway decent fights, his stock will continue to rise.

In all honesty, I am not a fan of Kimbo. It’s not because of how he’s portrayed, or all the rumors, or even how he’s become a huge star over lackluster fights, its because he’s not a good mixed martial artist. Again, with work on his game (he showed above average takedown defense against Nelson by the way) he might become more relevant on a ranking scale, although not likely. But, because he evokes emotion, I will still continue to follow his progression.

Kimbo, along with fighters like Brock Lesnar, Tito Ortiz, and Chuck Liddell, to name a few, have a strange way of drawing people to them. They have become bigger than the fights themselves, with larger than life personas. There almost always seems to be no gray area with these types of fighters. Fans either love them or hate them, but they most certainly have an opinion. They will continue to flock to arenas and television sets to see the outcome of their fights.

So, whether you’re a fan of Kimbo from his days on YouTube, you like that he tots guns, or you cant stand the fact that a street fighter has made a name for himself in this ever growing sport of ours. There’s one thing you can’t deny, you’ll watch him again.

“You know what I’m sayin.”